Hola de España + unplugging

~ 1 ~
Hola a todos!! :)

~ 2 ~
Yes, and I am blogging. 
Morgan and her hubby, Chris, are both at work... and it's COLD outside. 
So, what's a girl to do??

~ 3 ~
Here are a few iPhone pics of the events so far... which really have been me just hanging out and doing NOTHING! Which is perfect. :)
A whole ROW to myself on the leg to Madrid.
Morgan and Chris' backyard.
Um, yea. Can you say amazing?!
I have been doing a lot of this in the morning... because, well...
because I can. :)
~ 4 ~
Since the other Morgan (yes... I have TWO good friend Morgans in my life now. I affectionally refer to them as Spain Morgan and Blog Morgan. For obvious reasons... although BOTH do have blogs)... I digress...
Ok, since Blog Morgan and I made our announcement on Tuesday, I can't stop thinking about it, checking my email, Twitter, my blog, just to see the buzz about it. You guys... we have had such a WONDERFUL response.  I can only attribute it to our Lord, and his gentle pushing to make this happen. Who knew that there was a whole bunch of us ladies in the same boat??
God did. And He is watching out for all of us.
It's pretty flipping awesome!
(BTW... seriously email us if you are interested!! Start praying about it NOW to see if it's something you should do! Don't know what I am talking about?  Just click here to watch our video!)

~ 5 ~
Because I am so excited for our girls weekend, and keep checking said things, I am always on my phone. Technology is great, ya know, b/c I can use the wireless on my phone and STILL be connected, practically all the time. Morgan (Spain Morgan) has her computer, that she is letting me use. So, really... it's not that much different than being home. 
Yet... I am always.checking.something.
I am in Spain. With one of my best friends. 
I need to just UNPLUG and be.
With her. Soak up the culture here. Enjoy my time. 

~ 6 ~
So, if you email me, tweet me, FB me, etc and I don't respond, please don't be alarmed.
I don't want this entire trip to go by, and all I remember from it is trying to capture all the moments on Intsagram or tweet the funny things... 
I want to remember the time spent with my friend, catching up, good food, new people, speaking Spanish.  And, so I am.  
But, I will still probably be on Instagram occasionally... b/c well, it's Instagram. :)

~ 7 ~
Also, I am asking for some SERIOUS prayers for the family of a good, good friend. 
They need them. Like whoa. Please.

Okie dokie! I am out... and I will be sure to blog all things Spain when I return to the states.
Scouts honor.

Abrazos, amor y benediciones!

Go see Jen for more Quick Take fun! 

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  1. #2 On the backyard... that's some lame landscaping (inside the fence).


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