My heart swells

Ok... first there was my niece, Charlotte.  Right when I found of my bro and SIL were pregnant... I loved the babe.  When I met the beautiful, tiny, perfect little babe for the first time... my heart wanted to burst.  I just loved her so very much.  She has completely changed my world, and it is still so amazing to hear her say "Aunt Den! Aunt Den!" She is now a loving, beautiful, sometimes sassy, three year old!

And then there is Zuzu.  I had no idea that I could love a babe so much that wasn't related to me. She has brought so much joy into my life, I cannot even think of her NOT being in it.  I am seriously thankful that God (and of course Martha and Tom) chose lil ol' me to be her godmother.

This was basically the position I was in ALL weekend.
And now... now I have Lorelei Noelle in my life.  I didn't think it was even possible to love another babe SO much.  I mean... my heart swells with the love that I have for this precious babe.  I am learning justalittlebit of the love that parents of many children have.  It basically just never ends.  You think you are tapped out... but then God just makes it happen.  And you can't turn back.  You love like you didn't think you were capable of.

And I do love Miss Lorelei SO SO much.  She is a perfect, little scrumptious babe created uniquely by our Lord.  And it's at this time with a new babe in my life that I am reminded of the responsibility I have to all the kids in my life.  To love them. To teach them. To help them grow into beautiful people. To help figure out their talents. To serve the Lord.

And it is also in these moments that I am reminded of the Lord's love... for them, for my family, for me.  I have alluded to this multiple times on here, but I do have a struggle with really believing this love.  But, I revel in these moments when I can can feel Him so strongly.

I had a WONDERFUL time doting on my nieces a couple weekends ago.  It was amazing to watch Charlie love on her little sister.  She is so sweet with her.  She loves her already.  I can't wait to see how they get along as they grow up.  It's a beautiful thing!

And now for some pictures, b/c let's be honest, that's what you want to see!  If you follow on the 'gram or Twitter, then you have seen most of these already! :)  But, enjoy anyway!

This is an actual pic from my nice cam. She was in the model mood! ;)
Also from my camera. :)
Sweet Lorelei.

Charlie just loves her sister... Lorelei isn't so sure about things.

What's better than eating pumpkin cookies with your niece?!
My heart.

Me and the girls!
I love this girl.

*Yes, for those who are curious... I am in Spain right now. :) I had a few posts ready to go before I left!


  1. <3 your pictures! There's nothing better than holding sweet little babies. How wonderful that you are able to be part of their lives!

  2. You r the bestest Aunt and Godmother!

    I am slow on blog reading these days, how did you get to Spain?! Awesome!

  3. You r the bestest Aunt and Godmother!

    I am slow on blog reading these days, how did you get to Spain?! Awesome!


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