A Spain (and Morocco!) iPhone dump


I have seriously missed this screen.  I've missed writing.  And reflecting.  And, most of all... I've missed YOU!  It's crazy how disconnected I feel when I... um, well... when I choose to unplug and disconnect. haha.

ANYway.  If you followed me on Instagram and/or Twitter, then you probably have seen most of these pictures. BUT, I thought I would give the rest of you a little teaser of my days in España!  Once I have gone through my pics on my nice camera, I will sharing allllll those pics, too! You will get sick of my antics, I am sure. :)

Enjoy these for now!!

Arrived in Spain safely! Morgan and I reunited after TWO years!

The view from her backyard.
One day, we decided to go to Morocco!! :) 

Riding camels is what you do in Morocco.

You are right, that would be powdered sugar and cinnamon
on top of that CHICKEN pastry thing.
And it was AMAZING!

Now back to Spain!
Rota, España

You guys, I just nixed my dairy-free thing, completely!
I mean, how could I NOT?!
The cheese in Spain is the best. THE.BEST.

Ronda, España

Hot Orange/Cinnamon Chocolate and a brownie.

Thanksgiving meal 2013

Homemade apple crisp!

Last night in Rota.

Sevilla, España

We climbed the bell tower.
I loved Sevilla!

So pretty.
I even got to go to mass in the cathedral!
All of the Christmas decorations were out!

Yup... an adoration chapel right in the middle of the city.
Pretty darn awesome.

Last amazing salad with cheese!
Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.  Seriously... if you ever get the chance to go to Spain, GO! Go to Sevilla... it was my fave place.  Rota was really awesome, too... but since it wasn't warm and it's not in season, it seemed to be a little quiet. Although, that makes it the perfect time for all the people that live there! I know how they feel... Naples, anyone?!

I hope everyone had such a blessed and yummy-food filled Thanksgiving! :)


  1. looks awesome! I'd love to go someday!

  2. That looks like SOO much fun! I was in Spain in '07. I went to Santiago De Compostella (didn't walk the camino there), Avila, El Escorial & Madrid. Someday I hope to go back.

  3. Looks like you had an amazing trip!!!! :) And the food...yum!!


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