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You all know American Eagle Outfitters, right?!  I love them.  If I had endless amounts of money, I would buy the whole store (and give all my money away to those who actually need it, of course). I have loved it since I worked there in high school.  I am actually not their target demographic anymore and my body has changed quite a bit, so I don't buy a whole lot of their stuff, but I can still dream!

Did you know they have a whole lingerie line?!  Aerie?  They have the best underwear. Thee. best.  I love it. Ok, I'll stop.  This is a blog that anyone can read, and I suppose it's a little weird to talk about my undies. :)

Moving on.  Well, if you didn't also hear, Aerie launched their Spring 2014 campaign with "real woman" and no retouching of their photographs.

This is so awesome, right?!  Finally a mainstream company promoting women that aren't stick thin with no lines, wrinkles, pimples or anything.  Women that are beautiful, just as they are.

I was impressed with them before, and now... now I just want to buy ALL THE THINGS!

The only 2 qualms that I have with their campaign is the use of "real women" and being "sexy."

Let me tackle the "real women" thing first.  I feel "real women" is synonymous with larger women.  I realize that the average dress size is around a 12-14, so women who wear that size are "large" compared to the stick figures in the media.  But, let us not forget that "real women" are thin, too.  And, ya know, some of them are pretty darn skinny.  I just worry that it takes away from the beauty of all women, exactly how we are.

The women that are touched up in photos are made to me objects that are unattainable, but the models who originally had their pictures taken, are not objects by any means.  They are "real women" too.

And, second, I am a little uncomfortable with the tag line "the real you is sexy."  I get it.  I get what they are doing.  But, Aerie's target demographic is girls between the ages of 15-21.  Do you want your 15 year old daughter/granddaughter/niece/cousin to be thinking about being "sexy"?  I hope not.  I think they are a little young to be thinking in terms like that.

There is a time and place to be sexy.  In the bedroom.  When you are married.  Something to enjoy with your hubby.  By all means!  It's so important.  The real you IS sexy, don't let anyone tell you differently.  But, you don't need to be sexy all the time.  Especially when you are 15.

I would have appreciated this campaign more if they used the tag: "The real you is BEAUTIFUL/AWESOME/LOVELY/GORGEOUS/UNIQUE/etc."

It sets the tone a little differently.  But, Aerie still has to sell things.  And, well... sex will always sell, no matter what.  But it's a contradiction... we don't want young girls to be having sex BUT we want you to be sexy. Uh, do you see the dilemma?!

This is still such a huge step in the right direction!  I am proud of AE/Aerie for taking this leap.  Young (and not so young) girls need to see more unphotoshopped women.  The beauty they portray is actually attainable.  It's attainable because it's saying that you are beautiful JUST as you are.

What are your thoughts on the campaign??  Do you love it?!  I want to know!

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  1. I love when places go for a more "real" approach with their models, but I seriously do not enjoy bra/panties advertisements. Of any kind. Even this one. I mean, I don't know if there is a way to advertise underwear in a non-sexy sort of way anymore, but that always kind of bothers me. Like you said, I think if they replaced that with beautiful, etc. it would be better. But yay them for them for taking this step. I'd love to see more diverse "real" women like you said - the skinny ones, average ones, and bigger ones. It's great to be seeing more like this happening!


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