Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!!

It's official... it's a whole new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

2014, baby! I can't believe it. Beyond.

I thought I'd share my last day of 2013 and look forward to what I hope for 2014.  I have never been good at setting (and keeping!) resolutions, but this year I really felt the urge to set some goals for myself.  Wait... getting ahead of myself, here.  Let's just start with yesterday, shall we??

I was able to visit the hospital that I used to work at in DC! I love love LOVE that place and really enjoy going back.  I don't always know many of the people that work on my old unit, but yesterday there were a TON! It was SO awesome.  It was fun to reminisce, catch up and  remember what it used to be like.  I will always have a special place in my heart for that hospital. It was my first job, where I learned how to be a good nurse and was inspired everyday by all the kids I worked with.  Every.single.job that I have will always compare to that place... for better or for worse, that's how it has been and always will be.  Maybe I will have the opportunity to work there again one day. :)

THEN! I went to the National Shrine. One of my absolute fave places in the entire world. It's breathtaking. If you are in DC you MUST... MUST go to the shrine. Seriously. I know DC can be tricky and annoying with the traffic and all that, but really, it's totally worth it.

One of the best views... when you turn the corner... there is the shrine! :) 
Just beautiful!

It was a bit windy.

So pretty with all the Christmas decorations!

Nativity 1

"I am the Immaculate Conception"
Our Lady of Lourdes chapel
There are chapels everywhere.

The Crypt Church is my fave fave. :)

Just amazing.

Nativity 2

Blessed Mother Theresa

I just can't get enough.
Isn't is wonderful?!  I was able to doing some praying and thinking and loving on the Lord. Great way to end a year, huh?  They have one of the best bookstores!  I was able to grab a couple:
I even found Miss Hallie Lord's book! :)
They also have a great gift shop. If you ever need gift ideas, check out their shop online, too!

I came home and dad, Connie and I enjoyed some champagne:

And reeeeally yummy cheese fondue:

Then played a rousing (read, looong) game of Scrabble, where I did not win and barely broke 100. I know, I am a total genius.

Then I barely made it to midnight, and was out very quickly after that! :) haha.  I am such an old lady now.  Oh, well. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful way to end 2013!

Now... onto 2014. As I was saying before, I really feel like I need some concrete goals this year.  I usually come up with a TON and then not complete them and feel like a failure. I'm sure you know all about that. We all have that at some point.  But, this year... this year I am feeling more motivated. I don't know what it is specifically, but I am rolling with it! A little extra Holy Spirit action up in here. :)

So, in no particular order, here is what I would like to do this year in 2014:

  • Train for and run a half marathon
  • Pray the Rosary
  • Pray Liturgy of the Hours morning OR evening prayer every day
  • Help begin a women's group at my church (bible study/program)
  • Try something new every month (an art class, paddleboarding, shoot a gun, etc)
  • Get out of my comfort zone (hence the goal above)
  • Take more pictures with my nice camera
  • Above all, love the Lord with all my heart, strength and soul, and fall more in love with His church.
Hmm... will you help me?  Will you pray for me?  I so want to achieve these goal!  With a little push and whole lotta Grace, I know I can. :)

What are your goals for this year?  I would love to know!  I will be praying for you. :)


  1. Ok, one of these days when you're visiting, we should find a coffee shop and meet up. I think we could have some fun conversations :)

  2. hHha I just wrote (soon to be posted) 2014 goals and then I come over to your blog and we have some similar ideas. Please when you read those books review them. I have been thinking about picking them up myself. And of course I will be praying for and encouraging you with these goals. Lets make sure we are more holy women at the end of this year than we are right now!

  3. Excellent goals! Wrote some of my own too. I shall pray that you succeed in yours! The National Shrine looks really beautiful, isn't it such a blessing to be able to visit such holy places? Also, I've read the book 'Catholic Girls Guide to the Single Years' - it's a great read! Some really spot on content. I shared it with my best friend, also, and she really loved it too. I'm thinking I should re-read it soon! Happy New Year Jen!! :)

  4. Beautiful, Jen! I love your pictures. And your cute goddaughter :-) And reading things from other single Catholic chicas! I just started a goals link up and would love if any of you ladies want to hop on over so our posts can all be in one place and we can encourage each other.

    Here's the link to that post:

  5. Yes great goals! I've also read "Catholic Girls Guide to the Single Years" and loved it! I agree with Natalie...please write reviews when you're done with those books!

  6. Great goals! Also great pictures. I have been to DC once and loved loved loved the National Shrine.


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