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What does authentic beauty mean to you and how can you be better at believing/accepting that you are, in fact, beautiful?

Blah... I have not really wanted to write this post (and I'm the one who suggested it! Obviously a Holy Spirit thing up in here.).  Beauty is hard for me to talk and write about.  It's something that I have always struggled with.

I don't always think that I am beautiful.

I am going to write this as if I am talking to someone else... because we all know that it's easier to speak AND believe the Truth for others.  And then maybe, just maybe, I will be able to apply that to myself.

So! Beauty.  There are two images that come to mind when I think of beauty.... a very holy, devout, Catholic/Christian woman... and a thin, well-dressed woman, with long, voluminous hair, a gorgeous smile, that exudes confidence.

Both of these images are true. They do capture beautiful women, but they don't capture the WHOLE truth about what beauty really is.

I believe true, authentic beauty is being exactly who God has created you to be.

God is Beauty. He creates beautiful things.  It's so hard for us to see that... our culture is so superficial, the way we look has absolutely everything to do with how beautiful we are.

It's so sad. And so not true.  True, authentic beauty is deeper.  It doesn't just look at your dress size, how white your teeth are, how smooth your skin is.

It looks at how incredibly unique we were created by Beauty Himself.  God doesn't make mistakes.  Our beauty is a reflection of Him.  Each and every person, no matter what, reflects God in some way.  Our environments, the way we grow up, what we learn from the media, etc. may hide those reflections, making it harder to see.  But, if you look long enough or search deep enough, they are there.

Beauty is so much more than the way we look.  It's the way we behave.  It's the way we speak.  It's the way we handle ourselves in difficult situations.  It's the confidence we have in the way Our Lord created us, that gives us the grace to be exactly who we are meant to be.

And there is nothing more beautiful than being confident in the Lord.  Remember that He gave you that nose, those freckles, those few extra pounds, the pimples, your passion, your voice, your ability to love and your love of collecting stamps because that is how he created YOU to be beautiful.  And you alone.

How fitting that when I was writing this post, Made in His
Image tweeted this. :)
Trust in Him.  He is the most important person in your life.  He created you to be beautiful, so believe that you are!  Ha... I know that's easier said than done.  But, it doesn't make it any less true.

What does beauty mean to you?  I can't wait to read these.  I am in need of some encouragement in this area, so I am reeeeeally looking forward to your posts!

Keep Morgan, and everyone else going to the March for Life in DC this week, in your prayers!  Because she is busy with all that prep work, I am hosting again today!  So, link up below!

*Just a side note: we are open to ANYONE for this linkup. We are writing about singleness, mostly, but that doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you married ladies!  We always love your perspectives, too!*

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  1. Praying that you allow the Holy Spirit to let you believe that you too are beautiful.

    1. Thanks, friend. I can always use the prayers. :)

      Prayers for you, too!

  2. I loved your definition of authentic beauty, Jen: "I believe true, authentic beauty is being exactly who God has created you to be." I am so happy that you and Morgan chose this is as a topic, can't wait to read all of these!! :)

  3. "nothing more beautiful than being confident in the Lord" - Love it!!!!! I saw that tweet from MIHI too and thought how perfect it went with our topic.

    I think you are beautiful, you also have a inner light that shines out.

    1. Aww... Nikki you are too sweet. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for hosting! I wasn't planning on joining, but I loved Laura's poem so much that I made my own version of it and linked it up. :-)


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