A Week in Pics {Not Much Going On}

Hmm... not that many pics this week. I had kind of a weird week... I suppose it definitely reflects in my lack of pictures. Oh well! :)  Enjoy the few anyway!  Oh, and have such a blessed and happy week!

I started the week by cuddling up with my new blanket and watched Downton. :)
My one school loves to celebrate birthdays... which is awesome!
But, I also like to eat cake... two slices of it to be exact!

This might be a new fave pic of me and the babe.

Perdita is adjusting well to her new home. ;)
A little snackin' and chillin'

One of my absolute fave things is to buy new stationary. I love it.

I mean... aren't you featured in your parish's bulletin?!

Paz, amor y abrazos! :)


  1. So glad I'm the kind of nerd who keeps the bulletin from the church she visits once while on vacation so she can find the web address and read the article. That was the place for a pic of the goddaughter!

  2. I love new stationary!! :D I have to shut my eyes when I walk past that aisle in Target, because otherwise my cart would be full ;)

  3. congrats Jen on your new blankie..just kiddiing way to go-getting posted in the parish bulletin :)


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