A Week in Pics

It seems that this was another low-key week. Oh well... not all weeks can be busybusybusy!

Enjoy, as always! :)

Mama was teaching youth group this night and she did not want
to be hanging with Auntie Jen.

A little Dunkin' to brighten up the rainy commute.

A little love from some of the kiddos at work. :)

More to come on Tuesday about my wonderful time. :)

Um... just walking along and almost stepped ONTO this
dead fish. Ew. Blah.
Morning rosary walks are the best.
I decided to say hi to floating Mary, after another great confession!
God is so good. :)

Haven't you heard of this new workout, "sit on the weight"??
It's all the baby rage. ;)

Have such a wonderful week, everyone! :) Blessings to you!

**For those of you who happen to read this here bloggity AND participate in the Not Alone Series... have you filled out the survey for Savannah, yet?!?!  If you are still thinking about coming, please do so by 11:59EST Tuesday night!! This will help with guaranteeing a room, price and all that.  Please email Morgan and me if you have any questions or concerns about attending. If you want to come, we want to help you!! :)**

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