Family has been on my mind a lot these days.  I am not sure why, exactly.

But, as I said goodbye to one of the bestest BFFs last Sunday, after SUCH an amazing birthday weekend... my heart was heavy. There she went, back home to her hubby (who had a little scare, which could have been why my heart was weighed down a bit more. Ya know, b/c when my friends hurt, I hurt too. Annnnd, PTL, everything is just fine!!) and precious girls... back to her family.

Mart was able to spend time in Orlando, getting away from life down here, spend some quality time with her hubby and the babe... and of course with her parents/sisters/brother/and everyone else... her family.

My family is so far away.  They are all over the place.   Mom. Dad. Brother. Nieces. Aunts/Uncles. I love them and miss them so much sometimes.  I wish that I could have more moments of just being in the same room with all of them. At the same time. Er, well... I don't actually know if that's a wise idea, but I think you get what I'm rambling on about.  I just want to BE with them.

And then of course... I yearn for that family of my own. Ah! There it is!

It seems to always come back to that, doesn't it?!  #lifeofasinglelady

But, I have had such a strong sense to really pray for my future husband, recently. An every day, all in kind of prayer.  Who knows why?  I may not know that for a while, or ever.  Perhaps the Lord is working overtime to prepare me for him, and him for me. Or, maybe he is in need of some serious prayers himself?

Whatever the case may be... I am glad to do it.  The more I pray for my hubby, the more real he is. The less crazy I feel.  He needs those prayers.  No matter when or where or how ever we meet, we have our prayers.  We are united through them... and in some sense that unity is a bit like a familial bond.  Right?  Maybe?  Just go with me.

So, future hubs... if you ever read this... this one is for you! ;)


  1. Ah Jen...pretend I just gave you a big hug! How cool will it be though, like seriously cool, if your future hubby really does get to go back and read through these amazing posts!? I totally hear you though, some days this whole 'Future Husband, Where Art Thou?' business cane be frustrating. I guess we just have to keep trusting and praying about it which I know is sometimes easier said than done. HUGS and hope you have a really great weekend!!!! :)

  2. I'm right there with you. I need to remember to pray for my future spouse more often though. I think it is something I often forget, because for me, if I put something out of my mind it won't hurt as much. I definitely need to be praying more though for him!

  3. #lifeofasinglelady = #storyofmylife!
    Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for setting this example in praying for your future man! You'll see fruit from this, I just know it! :)

  4. The last line - I just love it! How cool if your future hubby finds this post?! :) Hang in there, Jen! I'm praying for you and your future hubby. He's out there. PS, I have a sister who is a travel nurse in FL near Port St Lucie. She doesn't have family nearby either and it's been hard for her. Praying you have a peace-filled weekend!

  5. Amen! Just being with people does wonders, and sometimes it's hard when that's not possible. On the topic of praying for the future hubby, I liked A Woman in Love (a pretty quick read) which talks about it. After seeing it on some other blog, I now pray a specific prayer to St. Raphael (almost) every night and end my day by praying for my HTB and other intentions I write down throughout the day. It goes back to what you're saying about how prayer is so important...thanks for the reminder :-)


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