A week (or 2) in Pics

I'm just gonna get right to the pics. :) I hope you all had a wonderful week and are ready for a new one! Hugs and blessings for all of you!

Zuz was SO excited to find the biggest "guck" in the store!

Such a beautiful family!
This was after the awesome Forgotten Broadway concert at our parish.

Savannah was dubbed "The south's most southern city" by Southern Living.
Perfect for our Not Alone Series girls weekend!!

Oh, just relaxing in a recliner, doing some reading.

Some days you just feel like drinking coffee out of a Nemo Tervis tumbler.


#toknow #tolove #toserve
a little "bling" from my church.

Not many things are as adorable as a cute babe in a rain coat AND boots!

Ok, I thought the hospital was crazy with all the food and treats we had around...
then I became a school nurse. It's nuts.

I love spontaneous weekends!! A good friend that I hadn't seen in YEARS came
down to visit!  Here, this is post ice cream :)

Here... is enjoying ourselves at a bar.
I just love my polka dot dress. :)

Sometimes, the prayer garden becomes the play garden.

Perfect way to end AND begin a new week.
Oh! And, happy March! I am not sure where the heck February went... and how Ash Wednesday/Lent crept up so quickly. But, it did. It's crazy. Mmmmkay. That is all. Bye!


  1. CUTE baby! And super cute polka dot dress! :)
    Seriously, February just started. Don't know how March is here already!

  2. Zuz is seriously an angel. Do babies get cuter than her? Looks like you all had a fun past couple weeks!


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