El Rancho Santa Fe

I haven't talked about Honduras much recently.  It's weird how significant it was at one point in my life. And now... as time continues to move on, it's becoming a memory. A good, and wonderful memory.

My friend and fellow volunteer, Hunter, now an employee for NPH, creates amazing and beautiful videos for all of the NPH homes. He started out just making them for the Honduras home, but was able to travel to all of the other 8 homes in Latin America and Caribbean. He had a wonderful opportunity and has used his gifts and talents by making these amazing videos and showing the world what an amazing organization NPH is.

There is no catch, here. I am just sharing a bit more of what will always be part of me. Of my heart.

Here is another of Hunter's videos about the NPH family. They are celebrating 60 years this year!

Curious to know more about Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos? 
Check out their website.
Check out the tab above or my blog.
Watch all of Hunter's (and other's) videos.

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  1. OH MY.....my eyes are filled with tears- so proud to sponsor my Isai, and I'd love to go back and see him again!


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