[NAS] Single Life Bucket List

What are those things that you want to do before you get married (or enter the religious life)? Is there anything that you are excited to do, accomplish, etc before engagement, marriage and babies come along? Even if you feel that you've done everything you wanted to do pre-marriage, dig deeper and see if there isn't anything you'd like to do!

When Morgan and I first brought this topic up... I immediately thought that I have pretty much done all the things on my "bucket list."  I have never really been a bucket list person... I have never been one to desire jumping out of a plane, climbing Mt. Everest, walk across America, etc. Ok, yes... those are extreme bucket list items, but I think it serves a point. I am not one to make a list of things to do in my life... because I end up putting a bit of unnecessary pressure on completing the list. I am a rule-follower by nature, and if you give me a list of things to do, I am going to try and do them.  And do them well.

I already put way to much pressure on myself in many aspects of my life, I don't need to make a list of things to do just for the added experience. I have such a full and wonderful life. I have had some of the most amazing experiences and opportunities. I am seriously so blessed. I went to a college where I found God and discovered my heart for service. I became a nurse and worked at one of the premiere pediatric facilities in the country. I served in Honduras. I learned another language. I have been to so many countries in this world. I had an audience with the Pope. I have moved more times than I can remember. I became a godmother to one of the most adorable little girls I know. I have always wanted to live near the beach, and I do. 

I mean... the things that I have done make up such a full "bucket" that I can't possibly think of other things that I need to be on the list.  Don't get me wrong, there are things that I would like to accomplish or do, but they don't need to be done while I am single.  I want to run a half-marathon (which will hopefully happen in 2014). I want to go to Greece. I wan to own a home. But, those things can happen at anytime. And if they don't happen, I don't think I will feel like I missed out on living my life. Well, maybe Greece. But, I am super hopeful that maaaaaybe I can pull that off as a honeymoon option! ;)

If I had to pick something for my Single Life Bucket List... it would be this: to be proud and confident in who I am; in who God has created me to be, so that I can be the best version of myself.

I guess I am at a point in my life where I am ready to share the fun and exciting things of this life with someone. I desire to create a bucket list, if you will, with my future husband and family.  Whenever that will happen, only God knows. I am not going to stop living my life by any means. When opportunities for travel and new experiences come up, I will without a doubt jump on board. I need to continue to heal past wounds and learn how to be the best version of myself before any of those things can happen. And that's what I intend to do. 

What's on your bucket list? Join the conversation over at Morgan's today! :)

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  1. I hear you on the being ready to share life experiences with someone. I love lists, but everything on mine could still be done if I did get married. It just took me a while to figure out that I needed to continue doing new things while I waited. :)

  2. I like this, Jen! Like you, my life isn't on hold until I'm married, but golly it would be fun to do things with my husband. Bravo for your ongoing bucket list :)

  3. Awesome post, Jen! Love the "to be proud and confident in who I am; in who God has created me to be, so that I can be the best version of myself" idea!!!!! :)

  4. I love the contentness that spills from this post. How inspiring to want to do something and figure out a way to do it.


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