New style, new blog, new ME!

Just kidding!!!  Nothing is really changing around here, other than the awesome design. Same posts, same writing... same Jen. :)

You guys. I can't stop staring at my blog now.  Isn't is awesome?!  I needed a little change, and this seemed to be a perfect thing to do.

I just LOVE it. And, thank you to those of you who have left some comment love already!

THANK YOU so much to Rebekah of Rebekah Louise Designs for creating such an awesome design. I first heard of Rebekah through Natalie over at Here I Am. She did a redesign and was pleased with the work, so I contacted Rebekah myself.


After my first attempt with another designer, who suddenly couldn't work with me anymore, I was very sad and disappointed.  So, when I started working with Rebekah, she was a breath of fresh air.

And patience.

Oh my goodness. This girl has so much patience, it's unreal.  I always knew I was indecisive, but never more so when I had to choose things for this blog. Man. Or, how about those times I forgot to email her back?!

Uhhh... she is a saint.

The way she works was not what I was expecting. With the first person I went with, she basically came up with the entire design, and then changed things as I wanted. With Rebekah, we started with the header. And once we got that squared away, she went onto something else. At first I didn't know what to think, as it was hard for me to see the big picture, but I really appreciated being part of every step along the process.

She is very knowledgeable and professional. She offered her opinions when I asked for it. She was very courteous about letting me know when she would work on things, and when she couldn't. If she said she would have a new idea by "this afternoon" there would be a new email waiting for me later that afternoon.

I cannot sing her praises enough! If you are looking for a whole new design, or just some new additions to your blog, please consider Rebekah Louise Designs!

Check out her Facebook and Etsy for pricing info!


Yes, that's right. Rebekah has graciously offered to giveaway a FREE HEADER to one of you loverly ladies (or gentlemen... if you read this here bloggity!)!  Eek!!  It's very, very simple to enter.  All you have to do is comment below and tell me your favorite thing about blogging!  So!  Just comment one time, and by Friday, April 25 at 5pm EST Sunday, April 27 by 7pm EST (needed to extend!)!

If you leave the first comment, your number will be 1, and so on. I will use to then randomly choose a number... and that number will be the WINNER!  I will email you after 5pm Friday 7pm Sunday evening, so please be sure to leave your email if it's not attached to your Blogger account.

Make sense? Got it?  Good.  And, buena suerte (good luck en Espa├▒ol!)!

Just so you know, I was not asked to write a review at all, therefore I didn't have to write all these positive things... I am just really happy with everything from my first email with Rebekah to my finished design, and wanted everyone else to know. I didn't receive anything in return for this review. Now you know. :)

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  1. Well I think it's beautiful. And favorite thing about blogging?? Meeting people like you. Duh.

  2. What a great contest! I love your layout!!!

  3. These colors on your blog are so cheery - love them! One of my fave things about blogging is meeting people who share common interests.

  4. This is fabulous!!! So happy for you, Jen! I think the yellow is a great color for you... or at least for your online personality, since you're not going to wear your blog.... *backs away slowly from all the awkwardness*
    Favorite thing about blogging is getting to "meet" other people and get to know their personalities! :D
    just in case: bekthebest {dot} yeah {at} gmail {dot} com :)

  5. Oh my goodness Jen I love it!!!!! I really like how you still have your favorite color but you also have the blue for the "puddles" part of your title. Really Jen it looks amazing! And I am thankful you had a great experience with Rebekah too!!! I was the same way were I would be indecisive or not email her back.

  6. My favorite thing about blogging has been reading the e-mails I've gotten and making friends out in the blog-o-sphere!

    Your blog looks so GOOD!

  7. Lovely! I love he outlet that blogging gives to me--when I make the time that is!

  8. I love it! Very schnazzy!

    Though I don't blog as much as I'd like, I love the community I've found through blogging as well as just having an outlet for my thoughts :)

  9. Thanks, Jen, for doing this! My favorite part of blogging is the personal connections you make and "meeting" ladies in the same walk of life as me :-)


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