7 Quickty Quick Takes

I haven't blogged all week. I know, it's not the end of the world, but I have thoughts. Thoughts that don't necessarily garner a full post, nor does anyone really care about them, but maybe my loyal family followers of this here bloggity. Plus! I haven't hopped on the 7 Quick Take train in a looooong time! So, let's go! :)

~ 1 ~
I was really hoping to be writing and reflecting about my experience EMing at my parish's First Holy Communion! I got an email from our coordinator last week sometime asking if I would help. I was thrilled, and honored! I remember when I taught second grade CCD, and what a joyous day it was watching my little kids receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. And then to be able to serve as an EM... so awesome. Obviously I wouldn't be giving Jesus to the kiddos (that's the preists' honor!), but just to be there in the the EM role. So great.

But, alas! I get there and there is no need for me. :( To say I was bummed is an understatement. I was very disappointed!  There was some sort of miscommunication and they didn't end up needing extra help.  Sad face... for sure.  So, another day I will reflect on the joys of EMing.

~ 2 ~
Well, I didn't mean to start out with such a downer!

I think the caps are completely necessary. Don't you?
It is really good so far! I wish I didn't have other things to do (or that my butt didn't get numb after a while) so that I could just read and read and read.

I am just so excited for you, Jen!

~ 3 ~
Speaking of #SOTG... I tweeted to Mrs. Fulwiler, herself:

... but I mean??? RIGHT? How awesome would that be??
My brain doesn't actually work that way... so I have absolutely NO idea how one would even go about doing that. But, there has GOT to be a way. Have any ideas???

~ 4 ~
Another exciting thing?!?!
She is flying in on Friday for Mother's Day weekend.
I am beyond thrilled.
We haven't seen each other since CHRISTMAS.. so, it's about time! :)

~ 5 ~
Let me just tell you. The rain that we are currently having is seriously a welcomed JOY.
Summer has arrived down here in SWFL... and it's just too dang early!
It's seriously just gross. 
My hair does weird flippy things. I feel like I am walking through walls of moisture. And now, my power bill will be creeping up as I have to keep the AC on basically all of the time.
I know... whoooooaaa is me. And who am to really complain, as I am not really a Floridian. But, here I complain anyway.  Martha, does a great (and hilarious) job of explaining it here. :)

~ 6 ~
Do you run? Exercise? Run around with kids? Or just get tired of your hair falling in your face?
I did, too.
That's why I love my new BolderBand headband. (ha, this sounds like a horrible infomercial)
Um, but it's true! They stay in place! They are comfy! And they are adorable!!

So, now you know. Enjoy!

~ 7 ~
NAS ladies!! 
Morgan and I still need some topic ideas! Please let us know. They could be new ones or something that you would like to revisit!  THANK YOUUU!

Go visit Jen and the gang for what is sure to be more fulfilling and fun 7QTs! :)
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  1. So enough people are talking about this book that I may just have to check it out. Can't wait to hear how you like it!! I am so jealous that summer has already hit FL. Don't get me wrong I am glad I no longer need a parka to go outside but can a get more than a peak of sunshine around here!

  2. I totally loved the headband 'infomercial.' :) But seriously...I want to check those headbands out now!

    I think your idea for charting SOTG readership is amazing! How would one do that though? No idea... :(

    As for NAS ideas...something along the line of "The NAS Awards!" Everyone could list favorite things, and we could 'award' (although no prizes will be given lol) the ones that get the most votes?

    1) Favorite Inspirational Speaker
    2) Favorite Blog (single or mommy blog)
    3) Favorite faith-ish book
    4) Favorite song to listen to when having a bad day
    5) Favorite song to listen to when wanting to praise God
    6) Favorite Scripture verse you repeat in your head when you're having 'one of those days'
    7) Favorite faithish Twitter/Facebook/social media you follow

    Okay, those were just some random ideas for now!! :)


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