Connecting with God

Recently I have been feeling pretty far and disconnected from God.  To no one's fault other than my own, of course. But, I always struggle with finding my way back. With feeling close to Him again. With feeling His presence and know of His love.

When I'm in these moments, I can only listen to praise and worship music (mostly on iTunes radio)... over and over and over.  And I long for some actual P&W with my friends.

That is how I feel God's presence. The Holy Spirit does his thing... and I feel as though God is giving me a great big hug.

I had a wonderful opportunity a few months ago to see/hear Matt Maher play at a Life Teen dinner (actually, it ended up being a fundraiser... wasn't expecting that... so it was a bit weird).  I have been blessed to see him live a few times, but this time it was just him. No band. Just Matt and his guitar and a piano.

Oh just Matt... and a few friends. :)

I could listen to his music all of the time. The Lord speaks through his music all of the time.  He is so talented. Has a true gift. One that he really uses to give honor to God. And... he is one of the most humble people ever. When I complimented him on his amazing talent, he was so gracious... as if it was the first time he had heard that. His wife is also an incredibly gentle and humble person, too.

I digress.  Music.  I am not very well versed about the ins and outs of music, or have a very large palate to which I listen. I enjoy what I like, and that's what I listen to. Although, I am always open to more ideas. hint hint  If you have any, hit me up. :)

(Annnnnd as a complete coincidence, my very good friend, Jennine, has a NEW album out on iTunes! If you are interested in supporting independent, Catholic/Christian artists, please take a look at Jennine's music! She is incredibly talented. And, I am not just saying that because she is my friend and I love her. Jennine Fuentes- Liberated, available on iTunes! Ok, I am done plugging my friend. Promise, wasn't really part of the plan for this post... but I am so excited and proud that I couldn't resist!)

We had an amazing praise and worship night with the teens a few months ago, as well.  It was incredible, really. To watch the teens pray and adore and sing to our Lord. Some of them had done it before, and for others it was their first time.   It reminded me of college, where we had P&W adoration every Thursday. It was the absolute best. I had some of the best moments with God during those times.

Adoration with the teens was a wonderful reminder for me about how important P&W is for me, personally... especially in front of our Lord.  I really hope that I can convince some people to make this a thing.  A monthly (maybe weekly... eventually) thing.  My heart needs it. My soul needs it.

What about you? How do you connect with God?

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  1. P&W is totally my thing too. I miss it so much! I mean I'll play and sing by myself sometimes, but it definitely is not the same as at school/with friends.


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