{NAS} If you were called to the religious life...

It's that time again ALREADY!  And, we did not get our ducks in a row for you until now, so therefore you all didn't get to prepare ahead of time. :(

Please forgive us.

This week is an awesome topic. Let's all take a step back and pretend that God IS in fact calling us to the religious life.  While most of us feel called to marriage, it is important to see the beauty in all vocations! If/when you were discerning religious life, which communities interest(ed) you? What do you see as the positives of that vocation?

There is so much beauty in religious life. To completely dedicate your life to the Lord, body and soul. It's incredible! And inspiring.

There is so much I would like to say about the religious life, but right now it's not happening. My bed is calling my name, so that is where I need to go right now.

Head on over to Morgan's to get your linkup on!

BUT! We have the topics for the next few weeks! FINALLY! :)

Next Week!
Making Friends
We LOVE the NAS community, but creating a real-life community is essential to our lives! What have been your struggles in making friends as a young adult? Do you have any advice for those struggling to build community post-college?

May 27
Social Media
Our lives tend to revolve around social media and knowing what's happening in everyone's lives. How has this effected your life? In your experience, has social media made dating easier? Harder? Ex: not judging something you see about the guy you're dating on Twitter/FB

June 3
(NAS 1 year anniversary is June 4th!!!)
Year in Review
How has your life changed in the past year? How has this community impacted you?
Have fun with this! Fave post? What would you like to see more of? Anything, really!

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