Bachelorette Ramblings and #LiveLikeEric

Let's see... when this post publishes I will be at my mom's! Yipee! I am not sure if we will be watching The Bachelorette tonight (wait, is it even on??), but in honor of it being Monday, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the subject.

I don't think my thoughts are going to be new or make you look at the show in any different way, but I just wanted to jot some things down.

I love The Bachelor(ette)! Yes, it's superficial. Yes, it's catty. Yes, I know it's a "real-life" showed that is planned out and edited to make us think/feel/react in certain ways. I know.

But, I don't love it for the drama. I actually enjoy it more when there is no unnecessary drama (I am sure I'm in the minority on this one!). Or how cute the guys are for the season (although, that helps!). Or to see what amazing "dates" the show takes us on.


I watch it because I genuinely love watching people fall in love.

Even if I don't always connect with the bachelor(ette) that season, I still love being part of their love journey.  It's fun (sometimes funny!), albeit scary, nerve-racking and the sort, but isn't that what happens in real life anyway? I would assume, as I don't have first-hand experience.

In a way... the show gives me hope! I don't want all the crazy and elaborate things (although I would never say no to a helicopter ride flying over some gorgeous location). What I desire most is the love that God has called me to... first with Him, and then as a wife.

I desire the butterflies in my stomach.
I desire the smile on my face that just won't go away.
I desire loving someone so deeply, that I hurt when they hurt. And rejoice when they rejoice!
I desire being loved for exactly who I am, flaws and all.

And, I desire that most with Jesus himself.  And, I hope that I can continue to fall more in love with Him, so that I am prepared to love (and be loved) by my husband.

from the #LiveLikeEric FB page
Also... will you please pray for the repose of the soul of Eric Hill. He is the guy that passed away from the a terrible para-gliding accident. Last week, he left the show on not the greatest terms with Andi, and it's sad because now he can't even speak up for himself.  I am disappointed with ABC on how they aired this last episode he was in. They tried to make it "all about Eric" yet ended the show with an interview only with Andi, asking how she was and if she would have done anything differently. Of course, this is not Andi's fault. But, to me, it actually took away from Eric. And his life.

I do think overall, the show has done a wonderful job at highlighting what a wonderful guy he seemed to be. I hope and pray for his family and friends as they continue through the grieving process. #LiveLikeEric has gone viral, and is helping spread his mission and passion of philanthropy and love of travel, new cultures and finding the "awesome" everywhere in the world.

Rest in peace, Eric.

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  1. I'm so with you in the minority--hate the drama parts. I like it when everything is going super-well and you can see the people I love this season because I think Andi is super sweet. I get butterflies FOR her. (:

  2. I used to watch this show a few years ago. I got into it as a joke one summer because nothing was on and this guy I knew online was SUPER INTO IT and immature me thought that was weird (he was in his 30s and I was in college). I watched both for a few seasons but then I got bored/other things were on (I'm kind of a TV-aholic).

    But I still like to know what happens and will follow the story along via the interwebs and recently I found out that Jason and Molly from several seasons ago had a podcast so now I listen to it all the time and I like hearing what they say about the shows and they talk about a lot of behind the scenes info that I find really interesting.

    I'm with you though I really enjoy watching people fall in love I think it's so cute :)


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