Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary, Not Alone Series!

Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy gooooooosh.

One year.

It's incredible. We have been doing this thang for one year [tomorrow]. God is so good.

When Morgan wrote this post, throwing out this idea of a "support group" for single women who were living life and seeking holiness yet in limbo because they felt called to marriage, but were, in fact, not married yet. I knew we had to do something.

Through many, many emails and gChats (and video chats?? Did we do those then?)... the Not Alone Series was finally born.  We knew that we had found each other and became friends for a reason. And this series could quite possibly be that reason. If we had these similar feelings about our state in life, there had to be others out there, as well. We tested the waters with a few mentions on some 7QTs posts, and found that there were more ladies out there thirsting for something like this, too.

I am so glad I emailed Morgan. I am so glad I listened to God's nudge. I am so glad that we have the internet to even make this possible. But, mostly, I am so glad for all of you.

Without all of you who read, write and pray for NAS, this series would cease to exist. Without all of your posts, week after week, sharing your stories, your heart, your worries and your fears... I would probably still feel like I was the only one who was sometimes struggling with their vocation and where God is calling them.

So, I thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have said this before, but you have made me feel less isolated in those times when I have struggled with loneliness. You have made me feel less crazy. You have given me hope. You have loved me. You have encouraged me. You have made me laugh, and even shed some tears.

You have become my community. In the midst of finding my place in a real life community, you all have been there for me. I will be forever grateful to God for you, and for the Not Alone Series.

Sometimes, this hosting business is hard. It's a bit demanding and there have been many times when Morgan and I struggled with whether to keep going. Some weeks we would only have a few ladies participate. Sometimes some people would write things that were less than charitable. We would struggle for topics. We didn't feel like writing. But, in the midst of those times, we would always, always get an email or comment, thanking us for starting this series.  God's way of reminding us, I've got this. Keep going. You are doing a wonderful thing.

And, so we do. Because of Him. And because of YOU. It has nothing to do with the amount of people who link-up, the amount of comments we get or, even, the quality of our posts. If one person feels supported and loved and encouraged, and realizes they are not alone... then we have done exactly what we have set out to do.

Reminding you ladies that you are not broken. You are not lost. You are not left behind.

I am not sure I have an absolute favorite post. We have talked about so many things in this last year! I just reread my intro post... the excitement that exudes is incredible! So fun!

There were many posts that were challenging for me, reminded me of what a wonderful life I have, were a bit controversial, super popular and just plain fun!  All the while, learning and getting to know each of you AND learning more about myself.

We even created a Facebook group!

And I cannot forget to mention our TRIP TO SAVANNAH, GA! :)  July 18th can't come soon enough!!

So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EVERYONE!!!!  Please join us in celebrating by writing your own posts about your journey with NAS (and linkup below!!) :) If you don't have a blog, but have been reading along, please please comment below and say hello! We would love to hear from you!

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Summer Schedule
We decided to be a little light for the Summer, ladies. Lots of travel and (hopefully!) family time!
I hope you have some wonderful and blessed fun in the sun!

July 15
Summer Reading List
Your fave books and recommendations!
(Thanks, Britt!)

August 12
Feel free to catch us up on life, talk about something that's on your heart or have a stream of conscience post! No rules here! :)

September 2
Regular NAS blogging continues!
Topic... TBD!


  1. Crazy how time flies! I really do love this link-up. I like how we've had some fun topics and then some harder topics, which I think have been good for me to write about. I cannot wait until July and to meet everyone! It's going to be so much fun!

  2. So happy that you and Morgan took the leap of faith and started the series! I'm excited to write my post tonight after work! Less than two months until Savannah!! :)

  3. Aww! Your post made me tear up! You girls are awesome. I know I haven't been as active in posting as all of you, but I have so been with you in spirit and read the series. :)

    God is good to allow us to build community across the miles.

  4. such a great community - although I don't really write in each week, I am always reading! it's been so helpful! :) Katie

  5. God is so GOOD! Who would've thought?! I'm so grateful for you and your friendship!!!

  6. Beautiful post. I am so thankful I stumbled on to this blog and into this community!

  7. I just wanted to stop in quick and say a thank you to both Jen and Morgan for putting together NAS! I have not found time to participate like i had hoped to earlier in the year, but I have enjoyed reading the posts and thinking about the topics every week. Hopefully I'll be able to start posting again later in the year, because I think taking part in community is so important. God bless your summer and I look forward to hearing about the gathering in Savannah!

  8. I'm so glad you guys forged through the series even when it got tough :)

    Much love - Charity

  9. Thank you for acting on the idea in the first place. :)

  10. I'm so glad you emailed Morgan too!!! This has truly been and awesome year.

  11. Thanks for co-hosting this series, even when you felt the lack of words to write. Love this community and looking forward to Savannah!


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