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Hi again! {If you are looking for the linkup, click here!} I am honored to welcome Amanda from Worthy of Agape today, as well. :) As many of you know she JUST GOT MARRIED over the weekend and is currently enjoying newlywed bliss with her new hubby, Anthony. She has been an avid supporter and participator of NAS since the beginning and wanted to share her thoughts, as well. Please continue to pray for Amanda and Anthony as they learn more about each other (and life) through their marriage! Take it away, Amanda!

If there are any die-hard Gilmore Girls fans out there, you'll know that today is the day that Lorelai almost married Luke. On this June 3rd, a fitting date as any, I figured I'd join the NAS ladies for a year in blogging/life review...

I can only vaguely remember writing my first post for the NAS series a year ago. It was a year ago already?! It is somewhat comical to me now to re-read that post and remember exactly what was going on in my life behind the blog. Even though I had my lips sealed on the blog, I had begun dating the man I just married. And I mean I just married him. On Saturday. (Okay, I wrote this blog in advance, so what?) We'd only been dating for about a month and he was preparing to leave for Lebanon for six weeks. It was a crazy time in my life: a new, budding relationship, a job I'd just lost, a job I was interviewing for, and my book had just come out. Then came this wonderful blog series and community of other single/not-yet-married ladies blogging about life. I was hooked.

In all honesty, the community kept me sane. Blogging has been my safe refuge and gotten me through some really rough times in life. Blogging has given me hope, and the NAS community was and is a big part of that. Though I'm clearly not very consistent with the posts anymore, I still follow the posts and read along. When Anthony (my now-husband) left for Lebanon, these posts kept me afloat and focused. Rather than getting lost in daydreams of flying to Lebanon just to see him (who am I kidding? Those daydreams happened.), the topics helped to keep me focused on dating and being grounded in reality. It could have been very, very easy to get swept away with the fairy tales my friends were spinning about how he'd come back from Lebanon and instantly get down on one knee. Instead, posts like this one on discernment, this one on preparing for marriage, and this one on who I am as a single lady kept me focused on me rather than lost in some fairy tale. The truth is that I had a lovely (not really lovely) habit of allowing myself to dream up romantic tales and get lost in them, which also caused me to lose touch with reality. This NAS community was a much needed slap in the face to keep me grounded and rooted in prayer as I discerned my relationship and potential marriage to Anthony.

If I had to pick a favorite post, I suppose it would be the one I wrote on vocations and despair because, looking back I was so worried that God wouldn't come through. It seems silly to me now, but the agony was so real then. Re-reading that post in particular reminds me that God is always faithful. I'm sure there will come a time or two in life when I'll be tempted once again to despair and to doubt that God will really come through. Hopefully I'll remember to look back and see that He does come through - even if it isn't on my time frame or in the way I want, He is faithful and He loves each and every one of us more than we can even fathom.

Amanda Sloan blogs at worthy of Agape where she writes about whatever floats her boat, but primarily living life as a Catholic woman and all that that entails. She married her husband, Anthony, on May 31st and is currently featuring a series of guest posts on the marriage vows while she honeymoons. She is also the author of Worthy: See Yourself as God Does.

Thanks again, Amanda! I am so happy and excited for you! Thank you so much for your love, prayers, support and participation with the Not Alone Series. It would't have been the same without you! :)

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  1. I love this post! I love seeing how we have all grown from this series. I too have struggled with dreaming up fairy tales and agree that this link-up has helped me come back to earth and face reality!

  2. I consider myself a die hard Gilmore Girls fan (I myself am a Gilmour Girl (I went to high school at Gilmour Academy) but am embarrassed to say I did not know the June 3rd thing.


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