The post where I basically dote on my nieces!

It's so so so so soooooo nice to be home. My bed. My space. My alone time. :) #singlelifeperks

But, that doesn't mean I don't miss all the wonderful people I visited. #jensjunetravels was busy and awesome and exhausting. :) It took me to Pittsburgh then to Minneapolis then to DC then to Kansas, and then back home again.  And I loved every.single.bit.

Today... it's allll about Kansas and my bro, SIL and ADORABLE nieces.  Ready? I thought so!

Most of my time was spent with the girls, Charlotte and Lorelei:
Where we made lots of silly faces:

And ate at places with crazy dinosaurs:
And were a wee bit rebellious:
Charlie is just the silliest!
I heard a lot of "Aunt Jen, let's build a cow!"...

Daddy was enjoying the animal building for the.... 3rd? 4th?
time that day!
Charlotte loves to swing and be in motion. Her gymnastics classes in the fall should be PERFECT!

She even has her own trapeze swing in the basement!
We even watched and watched (and watched... no seriously! It was so cool!) a bunny family hang out and eat the carrots Charlotte and daddy threw out there:

When we weren't stuck in the tiniest house in the world, of course...


And eeeeeeeven some pool time!!

Lest you think I only hung out with tiny humans... I did not. Matt and I had a sibling date day! It was so fun! Ever been to Kansas City?! I hadn't, and it was great! I can't wait to go again. :)
Tour of a brewery, coffee and pics with Ben Franklin statues,
3D movie and a verrrrry yummy dinner!

And even squeezed in some kid-free nights to hang out with these two! :) Love them so much!

It was a fabulous way to end my June travels. I loved spending so much uninterrupted time with family that I don't get to see very often. We had some amazing laughs, good convos and made memories to keep forever. I am so blessed and so thankful to Matt and Emily for hosting me, loving me, laughing with me, and taking time out of their busy lives to spend with me.

I am also so happy and thankful that they create such adorable little girls. ;)  I am reminded of the privilege I have to be in these girls lives. To witness them grow and learn and absorb life is such an amazing thing. I just hope that I can be someone that they look up to and can continue to offer them love, support, and encouragement.

I have the best family. :)

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