Hewwwwwo Awuba!

Well, that's how Zuzu says it.

And it's just adorable. :)

Martha, Tom, the babe and I jetted down to Aruba (Jamaica, ohhh I wanna take ya!) for a few days of sun and relaxation.  We literally spent our entire time at the beach and pool... ate food... went to sleep. Ha. What a life, huh?! It was hard to get in the uber relaxation mood as we were still trying to come down from the crazy, busy weekend that was the Steubie conference. Plus, I really can only take one or 2 days of doing nothing before I go a little crazy. Which is something to keep note of when planning a honeymoon. :)

What can I say? I like to explore! I like culture! I like meeting local people!  You are beautiful, Aruba, buuuuut you were a wee bit lacking in that department. Nonetheless, I am so thankful for my time to sit and reflect and be with my friends... no, my family. :)

Plus, I know this sounds crazy, the water and palm trees were SO much more exotic and lovely than they are here in Southwest Florida.  I know. Who am I?!  But it's truuuue!

Anyway, onward with the pics! :) Enjoy!

I only include this pic to show the ridiculous things we
do to make the children laugh. :)

Zuzu was not sure about being so close to the 'kaws'!

This chick makes me laugh and smile more than anyone in the world.

We are awesome.
And now for some pics from my phone. What do you think about that?!
First sightings of Aruba!

Zuz was very concerned about the safety of herself... and Nemo.

The breeze/wind was nuts!

The view from our room was awesome.

Dancing bear!

This girl loved the pool. SO MUCH!
Well, there you have it!  A little glimpse into my wonderful vacation.

Come back Tuesday for a recap of #NASavannah. I don't want to just boast about how wonderful it was... I want to take you along. I want all of those who didn't get to go, feel as though you are part of the fun! So! Each of the girls that went will (if they want!) recap the weekend and linkup. Therefore, you can be part of the fun, too. Annnnd, there might even be a little giveaway! So, be sure to check back!!

Blessings and hugs,
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  1. So you know how we Northerners escape the winter (or in same cases the Polar vortex) to come to FL (and sometimes do something crazy like drive straight down for two and a half days)? You Floridians escape the crazy Florida summer heat by going to Aruba. Also I think you will busy enough on your honeymoon, just sayin'.

  2. That looks so lovely! Thanks for sharing pictures! It's so nice to have a break from things, but I totally get you on not wanting a whole ton of time with nothing to do :-)


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