7QTs: the last hoorah! (& giveaway!)

~ 1 ~
I am in the less than 2 week countdown until I go back to school, er, work. 
I have been enjoying time with my mom, Aunt and Uncle on the Jersey Shore.
It has been wonderful. Perfect weather. Family time. Nostalgic. All the things.
I am definitely making the most of my no-work summer. :)

~ 2 ~
Oh yes, a beach with WAVES!

~ 3 ~
Beach time with my beautiful momma!

~ 4 ~
We always eat breakfast at Bobber's :)

~ 5 ~
Look! The NASavannah tote makes a perfect beach/pool bag! ;)

Speaking of the tote... see quick take 7 below!

~ 6 ~
I haven't been back here to Seaside since 2011.
Before the fire in Sept. 2013, where it wiped out a huge pier of rides/games, shops and restaurants.
It's surreal. Things have changed. It's quieter. No clicking of the roller coaster, or screams of the riders.
The vibe is different here. 
Standing here, you can see all the way to the second pier.
It wasn't always like this. Where that fence is,
that's where the Funtown Pier should be.
But, it's still the Jersey Shore. It still holds tons of memories. It's a place that I will always, always love and love coming back to.

~ 7 ~
Annnnnnnd... DO YOU WANT TO WIN THE TOTE?!!?!
Of course you do!
Head on over to my NASavannah recap for more information!
You have to enter TONIGHT!!
The winner will be chosen TOMORROW!
Good luck. May the odds be ever in your favor. :)

For more quick take fun, please head to Jen's
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ha! Love the Hunger Games reference. :) And it is so surreal seeing my design on something being used!! Thanks again for the opportunity to create something for y'all!

    Enjoy the last of the summer vacation - I know we are trying to eke out as much as we can before the Hubs goes back to work. :)


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