Prayer shouldn't take a backseat, but it does. HELP!


Hello, there.

This week was nuts. I worked 6 out of the last 7 days. Yes, 6. Yes, I know I am a SCHOOL nurse, but sometimes Saturdays are the days that schools plan their open houses. Which means, I have to be there to get things done, too.

Today... oh, today. I have slept in and have been vegging. No where to be until Mass at 5. And it has been GLORIOUS. Glorious, I tell you.

I just spent an absurd (absurd!) amount of time organizing all of the Not Alone Series posts into categories. I had been wanting to make it easier for you (and anyone who happens to stumble upon my part of the interwebz) to search specific things we have talked about. Check it out here, or click on the tab above. I will be updating it with each new post!

Um, we have written 46 different posts, you guys, on alllllll sorts of things. I am so impressed and amazed and inspired!  If you don't see something on that list that you want to write about, LET US KNOW!! :) Email me and Morgan! :)

I hadn't been so busy as I was this past week in a long time. I enjoy being busy for many reasons, but I forget how exhausting it can be! haha. I mean, I know how crazy that sounds, but it's true. Work is back in full swing, I had core team meetings for youth group, a lockin with the youth group AND starting my new role as Young Adult Program coordinator at my parish (they put my pic on the website and everything... so no going back now!).

So, I mean. Wow. When life picks up... life picks up!

But, you know what hasn't picked up?  Prayer. I hate to admit it... when life gets going, my prayer life is the first thing that gets pushed to the side. :( And, really it should be heightened.  I have no problem going to visit Mart and the babe after work, or jump on my computer to email someone or read a blog... but somehow I don't have time to pray? Or visit Jesus in Adoration?

Obviously, that's got to change.

What works for you? How have you made prayer a priority over all the other things? Any tips/tricks you have would be ever so appreciated. :)

See, I have time to cuddle with my stuffed animals
and re-read a great book!

And have cookie dates with the bestest god-daughter EVER!

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  1. Congratulations on your new role, I know you have been wanting to get something going so I am excited for you!!!!!

    Prayer, there is something I am always working on but what I have found that is working for me right now are routines and reminders. I have a reminder on my phone to say a prayer at a specific time during the day. There are times I hit the snooze but the reminder stays on my phone so at some point I will pray. Also before I plop myself in front of the t.v at night I take time to pray or if I am going out for the evening I try to take 15 minutes to pray. If mornings work for you that might be easier, I tried mornings and they worked for a while but except for Saturdays it's not possible for me anymore.

    Love that picture of Zuzu, she looks so reflective.

  2. Man I wished I lived in Naples just to get involved in that young adult stuff!!! I totally understand the loving to be busy but then enjoying the lazy days. Just this past week I thought I would have a lazy morning and then before I knew it I was rushing around to get stuff done before I had to go somewhere. Oh girl I get the prayer thing, it is tough. I am trying to pray morning prayer every morning, per Matthew Kelly's suggestion spend 15 minutes reading the Gospel everyday, and two daily Masses a week but often that isn't really spending time in conversation, or better yet listening, to the Lord. I think one thing I know I need to work on is throughout the day I feel the Lord's tugging on my heart to converse about something and I don't just stop and pray for 30 seconds. I need to take the time to stop.

  3. I'm so happy for your adventures and new role and everything! Yay! And I SO feel ya here. It's way too easy to let your prayer life die as everything else picks up.

    While I don't have an amazing revelation to share, I would just say find what works for you. Do you like saying the rosary? Don't let yourself go to bed without saying one. Like novenas? Commit to one each month! A daily mass person? Pick a couple days a week to go. Have specific people & intentions to remember? Write a list and keep it where you'll remember to pray for them everyday!

    I've never set reminders to myself on my phone, but that might be good too. Getting in a routine has really helped me to pray before going to bed, and now I'm trying to get better about a morning routine. Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say :-)

  4. Well, third time is a charm - why does Google hate me so much when I'm trying to talk about prayer?! UGH!

    Anyway (sorry the shortened version is coming because typing a third time is testing me) - I made a habit a few years ago as one of my "Liturgical New Year's Resolutions" in Advent (Yes, I'm the kind of nerd that makes Liturgical New Years Resolutions) to kneel down at my bed side to say the Act of Contrition at night and the Morning Offering in the Morning. It has since developed into a longer than 30 second period of time, but it took that small habit to help. It being the first and last thing I do in the am and pm, really helps me keep my mind focused. The prayers include ones for priests listed by name, the conversion of my family, my godchildren, decade of the Rosary for my (future) husband (asked God to keep him out of trouble overnight and to increase his faith), and the angelus (to do God's Will).

    It's worked well for me, hope it can work a little for you! Be assured of my prayers! Many Blessings on the new YA Role!!! You'll do fantastic!

  5. sometimes finding times where prayer can naturally fit into your day can make it easier for 'find the time' if you have a busy schedule; for example playing a utube video of the rosary while cooking dinner, or praying a while you're walking somewhere. Just finding times in your day when you are alone anyway. so much of what we do everyday can be accompanied by prayer, and even offered up! At the end of the day I like to (and sometimes actually do) pray the examen, or a version of it, just trying to recognize where God has been in my day, and where He hasn't, it can help me to identify movements in my life, I guess that God can sometimes be where I least expect him which is where some reflection becomes helpful. hope you continue to adjust well to your schedule changes!


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