Jersey Shore Musings

Well, I thought I would take a little break from.... um, from what? Oh! The end of my summer break and thinking about going back to work on Monday. MONDAY.

Blah. How did that happen already? So, I am just gonna go back to the Jersey Shore. Ok? OK!

I shared a bit about it the other day, but I thought I'd share some more pics and such. I had such a great time with my mom, Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Susan. I don't get to see my aunt and uncle as much as would like, so it was really nice to have so much time with them. :)

It was funny... I hadn't been to Seaside in about 2 years, and, as I had reflected before, a lot had changed. Hurricane sandy and a devastating fire. It was nuts.  But! How quick and easy we just went back to what we had always done. Hang out and chat on the balcony. People watch. Eat at the same restaurants. Reminisce about past trips to the shore. Celebrate Uncle Ronnie's birthday.  Hear Aunt Susan's infectious laugh. And hang out on the beach with my Momma like old times.

The shore is way more than just a fun vacation spot for me. It's my childhood. It's family. It's just part of who I am.

We had some amazing weather while we were at the shore!

Thank you SO much, DD, for being on the boardwalk.

Yay selfies!!! Especially when you have one or two skeptics. ;)

Oh, just hanging out... doing a crossword.
Sorry, Aunt Susan! I am not sure what you are doing here. Getting up?
Demanding that we look up the correct answer? ;)

Gary, Uncle Ronnie and Sue enjoying the balcony.
And yes... that is the ocean in the background.

A cloudy day is better at the beach than anywhere else! 

Sometimes a rainy morning calls for mix-matched comfy clothes and a book.

Unfortunately, I didn't win big that day.
I have hope for one day in the future, though. :)

Got crabs?!

Cuddle time with my momma.

hahahaha... I had asked one of the guys we have befriended over the years
to take our pic (the one below!)... but he had never used an iPhone before!
There were 35 pics in total. HILARIOUS!

Hence the reason we all have big smiles. :) But, he finally got it!
And it's a good one at that!!

Last morning on the shore!

Tired and a wee bit sad... our last pic before our treks home.

Thank you to Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Susan and my momma for a wonderful time. I miss you all so much already. I can't wait to see you soon!  Loooooove youuuuu!

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  1. Loved the recap and the pics. I also had a great time with you, Ronnie and Sue, and loved the sense of family! Thank you Ron and Sue for a fab vacation and for sharing the Jersey shore with us! Love you all!


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