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Helllooo!!! I am sure many of you (is that presumptuous of me?) would like to know how #NASBoston was... and in a word, AMAZING! :) Morgan and I had the best of times and we will share about it so soon, and even have a fun giveaway! I just want to thank all who prayed for us, sent emails, tweeted to us and watched us on the show. It made the whole experience that much sweeter. If you are new here, WELCOME! I hope you find some things that speak to your heart and stay for a while. I am praying for you all.

This week we are talking about the world of... ONLINE DATING!

Not all of us have jumped into the world of online dating, but many of us have! What are those things that we should AND shouldn't do?! If someone you know is considering online dating, how would you encourage him/her? What advice do you have?

Bahaha... this made me laugh out loud.
Ok, my first piece of advice would be this: if you haven't jumped on the online dating bandwagon, but maybe thought about it a little, then JUMP ON! Just try it! Many of the sites have specials for 1, 3 or 6 months. What's the harm in trying it for a bit? If you hate it... then you never have to do it again. But, what IF that is exactly how God intends you to find your future spouse? OR, just another way to show God that you are open to His will, whatever that may be.

Sooo true! It's super popular now, but there still tends to be negative connotations.

I think if we really just look at online dating as another avenue to find our spouse, another avenue of discernment, and not the place that we will find him, I think it takes some pressure off. There are no guarantees (even if Catholic Match tells you so). We all know that God controls the perfect timing, place, and situation for us to meet our beloveds. Only Him.  And as the video mentions, the number is surely to rise. There is no shame in it.

I know that some people are all for it, and some are super opposed. I think each has good and valid points, but there is no need to shame or look down upon one camp or the other. As I just said, each of our "perfect stories" are (and expected to be) different. If God wills it, then it will be. :)

I have written about some practical things with the online dating world before. So, please check them out and let me know what you think! I am not an expert by any means... but I have been on Catholic Match on and off for years. Some times I love it, and some times I hate it. But, I am always trying to be as open as I can about ways to meet my future hubby. :)

Head on over to Morgan's today, as she is hosting! :)

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  1. I'm not a fan of online dating, but in no way am I against it. I think it has worked well for a lot of people and several people encouraged me to dive in. I'm not a fan of the whole browsing for a mate thing. Maybe I'm just old fashioned. ;-)

  2. "If God wills it, then it will be." Love it! Cindy

  3. OMG that video and those meme's are HILARIOUS! I totally agree with the 2nd meme...I feel like EVERY guy likes hiking and sometimes wonder if they are just saying that or they really go hiking all the time.

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  5. Ha.. Ha.. That’s great I like it very much. Especially the video you have sharing in this post is really awesome.

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