Can I just say that I love that the Not Alone Series has it's own hashtag theme?! It's not official or anything, but from #NotAloneSeries to #NAS to #NASavannah and now #NASBoston?

It just makes my heart happy.  Is that weird?!

Annnnnywho!  When this publishes Morgan and I will be getting ready for our infamous TV appearance.

This cracks me up every time I look at it. :)

If you are new around here, then you'll want to read this, but the short of it is, Morgan and I have the opportunity to talk about the Series on CatholicTV. They contacted us a while back, and we have been planning it ever since.


God has done some seriously amazing things with this series, namely brought an AMAZING group of women together to support, encourage and love each other... and to ultimately remind our selves that we are not alone during this time of singleness. He will use our few minute interview to, hopefully, help others be reminded of that, too.

Please keep us in your prayers. And if you can, watch us live!

Time: 10:30am EASTERN
Where: Click here to watch it live (this will take you directly to the live stream)
Which show: This is the Day

Can't watch live?! It's ok! Check out their YouTube channel to see the episode later. I will also post the link and/or video on the blog for alllll to see!

Eeeee!!! This is all so crazy and surreal. :) :) :)

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