Can you commit an hour??

“The Eucharist is the point where God and the soul meet — God with all His graces, and the soul with all its wants.”
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

A few years ago when I was still living in Northern VA and attended Queen of Apostles (guh, I miss that place!), I was among the first group to commit to an hour of Eucharistic Adoration. The church had gone through some renovations, and one of the added areas was a space for perpetual adoration. :)  I signed up: Mondays at 9pm.

It was such an amazing experience. I loved it. That is not to say that there were plenty of moments when I was exhausted, annoyed even, that I had to leave my comfy home or felt as if I had nothing to talk to God about. Because it happened. I am not perfect. But, God was there. Always. Met me where I was at. Interestingly, it was in those moments when I didn't want to be there that I felt him the closest.

And I miss it. I miss the closeness.

I am so blessed to have perpetual adoration at my current parish.  And I'm embarrassed to admit how infrequently I go.  Months. I go MONTHS without so much as a quick hello.

I have had on my heart to change that. To commit to a weekly hour.  I keep making excuses... so many other evening things going on. I need time at home. blah blah.

Hush, Jen. You also need time with Jesus.

So, here I am making a public declaration to you, dear readers, that I am going to commit to an hour. But, I am wondering if you would like to join me?! We can hold each other accountable, pray for one another, and, obviously, grow closer to the Lord.

I have already asked the ladies in our Facebook group, along with Twitter, to see who would be interested.  I would love it if we could all commit to the same day (ideally time, but that is hard!), so we are praying together, in a sense. If you would like to join me, please comment below with the days that would work for you. Once I have a consensus, I will let you know. :) :)

(I am thinking Wednesdays or Thursdays would be best for me!)

Even if you can't commit to the same day, still commit to another time! The whole point is to spend time with Jesus in adoration. He just wants to be with you. :)

Eeep! Just writing this out is getting me excited!

“From the time we started having adoration every day, our love for Jesus became more intimate, our love for each other more understanding, our love for the poor more compassionate, and we have doubled the number of vocations.”
Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta

“Visit the Lord in that ‘heart to heart’ contact that is Eucharistic Adoration. Day after day, you will receive new energy to help you to bring comfort to the suffering and peace to the world.”
Pope Saint John Paul II, World Youth Day 2002
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  1. A regular holy hour is so amazing. I used to do mine by myself before work, but when my schedule changed, I switched to a group one with Spirit & Truth ( It's one of the best parts of my spiritual life!


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