My Sisters, The Saints {A book review}

My Sisters, The Saints

I first heard about this book from a friend, but didn't think much of it, really. Dang it! Should have listened to her when she first mentioned it. (Sorry, Colly!)

In one word, this book is: amazing.

I didn't really know much about this book, and seeing as it's been around for 2 years, I am surprised I hadn't heard about it more. Because: blogs.  But, now! It's everywhere. Maybe I was just meant to read it now. At this moment in my life. Maybe it wouldn't have resonated with me so much back then? Who knows? I will stop analyzing.... now.

What I thought this book was? A collection of stories about the lives of the saints and why we should get to know them.

What this book ACTUALLY is?  Colleen's conversion. It's the story of how she found her identity within the faith she grew up with.

I LOVE CONVERSION STORIES! And memoirs. Which, if I really paid attention to the front of the book (see it right there?), it clearly says "a spiritual memoir." Score one for Jen.

You guys. Read this.

Colleen's story is so relatable. Relevant. Heart-breaking. Freeing. And most importantly, real.

Growing up with very devout Catholic parents, Colleen knew the faith well. She attended Mass. Knew the prayers of the rosary. Even memorized the Memorare. It wasn't until she was in college, doing well in school, getting good grades, keeping up the appearances of the "good college kid", while partying to the wee hours of the morning, that she had this overwhelming sense of emptiness.

Was there more than getting good grades and partying? What was her purpose? Was she happy?

After beginning to attend Mass occasionally, and even with her father on one particular winter break, did she receive the biography of Teresa of Avila. Once she started reading, she was hooked.

Saint Teresa became real to her, and helped her realize that maybe God was inviting her to share in her own divine love story.  It was through Saint Teresa that Colleen's conversion catapulted.

And so did her life. Finding the balance as a career woman with the desire to be a wife and mother. Dealing with her father's devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Living a long-distance engagement while a speech writer in a male dominated White House. And struggling with her own infertility.

Through it all, she had a new sister by her side. Saints Therese of Lisieux, Faustina, Edith Stein, Mother Theresa and Mary, the mother of Jesus. For every big decision or season of her life, Colleen found strength, courage and hope in women that she never met, yet became some of closest people in her life.

It really is an awesome book. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read it again, so I can comb through it and absorb more of it's awesomeness.  It even has discussion questions at the end for your own reflection or for a book study. What a great idea!

If I had to pick something that I didn't like, it would probably be that Colleen would share some stories from her life, but then never finish them. There were a few times when I would be reading and think, "wait, what happened with that one thing?!" But, I mean... I am just being picky.

If you love conversion stories, Saints and are in need of some extra encouragement, READ THIS BOOK! :)  If you do, let me know what you think!

The Catholic Young Woman is currently discussing this book, too! Check them out if you haven't already.

And, thanks to Blogging for Books for my free copy in exchange for an honest review! :)

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  1. So good to hear you love it! My sister is working her way through the book along with the Catholic Yoeung Women blog and has really been enjoying it! I plan on stealing it for awhile after she's done. ;)

  2. LOVE this book!! It's the sole inspiration behind the Saints Series on my blog!

  3. I'm glad to hear it was so good - can I borrow it!?!? :)


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