NAS: How do you pray at home?

How do you pray at home? Do you have a special place in your house? How do you make that area special? Comfy chair? Prayer cards? What suggestions do you have to make a home altar? If you don't do this, in what ways can you begin?
Thanks, Danny, for the suggestion!

Hello there! Ok, I am really looking forward to what you all have to say about this. Danny emailed me this topic suggestion... and I think it's a great one! We all pray in our house at some point, right?  Do you do anything special to mark that time?

Me? Well... I mean... I don't do much honestly.

I have a crucifix/cross in every room of my house... so that when I do say my quick prayers, I have something to focus on.

And when I'm really journaling/praying, I am out on my porch, with coffee, writing away.

But, I don't have a dedicated spot. For those of you who have a dedicated spot, how did you choose it? What things do you have there?? Seriously... I would LOVE to know! :)

And so would everyone else. Link up below!!

Remember when we had accountability/prayer partners?! That seems like a lifetime ago. :)
Well! It was suggested that we do it again for our little break. What do you think?!
If you are interested in having an accountability/prayer partner, please email both Morgan and I!
This is not a huge deal, just some communication with your partner through email, text, phone, etc. about things you need prayers for, encouragement and areas you need some extra accountability!
Anything, really!! It's really an awesome thing, I promise.

Next Week!
November 25
The obvious and probably expected: Thanksgiving Post!! :)
In what ways are you thankful? Talk about anything you want here, folks!

December 2
Preparing the Way! {NAS Advent Post}
Happy Advent! How do you prepare you heart, home, etc. for the coming of the Lord? Are there specific recipes or traditions you partake in? Share with us how you are making way for our newborn King!

We will be taking a break for Christmas now and resume with regular posts January 6, 2015!
If you have any suggestions for topics, pleeeeeeease let us know! :)

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  1. I can vouch for that porch, very peaceful and great for journalling and praying :)

  2. Is that lower right one olive wood? I love the way it looks. I'm very particular about my crucifixes.


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