No Thanksgiving? No Advent? Just Christmas!


If someone posts another pic of their Christmas tree, I am going to to freak out. And do something crazy.

I don't know what. But, something not good.  Maybe. Well, probably not.

BUT STILL! a;jhfoweuabfnsld,fmnoawe... that's how I feel about that.  I am uber annoyed with the amount of Christmas things that I have seen SO EARLY this year. With all the Christmas trees, and carols and stockings and lights and, and, and...


I know up north where it's been snowing and freezing for weeks, maybe it feels more Christmasy and what not. But, no! It's not. Even if it feels like it outside. (And, oh, how I miss that feeling!)

We are so quick to put up our decorations, skip right through the holiday that makes us slow down and give thanks for our many blessings, and have it be Christmas. And then, be all sad when it's December 26th and we have to take down all of the cheer.

That's not what it's supposed to be. That's not the intention for the season. The season of Advent OR of Christmas. Because, let's all remember that Christmas is a SEASON not just a day. If the Vatican can leave their decorations up until February 2nd, then so can I! Oh, and I will.

I joined up with the Blessed is She chat on Twitter this past week where we were talking about preparing for Advent. It was so fun (and overwhelming... lots going on with those Twitter chats!)! It was also really encouraging to see how other women were getting ready for Advent, and how they were going to be intentional about preparing their hearts, souls and families for Jesus' birth. It was beautiful!

As a side note... you know what else was beautiful about that chat?? The fact that we as WOMEN were connecting. We are married, single, with and without kids, young and older (not old!!), all connecting because of our shared faith. Shared love for the Lord. And our desire to grow closer to Him. #beautiful #BISchat  ;) 

And then, at my young adults meeting the other day we also talked about Advent. And, I was a little disappointed and surprised by how so many people have no qualms about decorating early, listening to Christmas music, etc. What?! It's so hard for me to understand. Is this one of those times where my super traditional/conservative side comes out??


But, I like it. I don't want to rush Christmas. I already cannot BELIEVE Thanksgiving is in 5 days. FIVE DAYS. Why would I want to rush and get to Christmas already?

Our Church is beautiful in it's liturgical seasons. She recognizes our ability to speed through life. Yet she makes us slow down, think, reflect and pray. With our new year upon us, and our Advent season juuuuust about to start, it's a great time to make some resolutions about our faith/prayer life! And, life in general.

Here is what I am going to work on this Advent season:

  • Journal everyday with the Blessed is She Advent journal
  • Go to adoration twice a week
  • Put out a new decoration every day of Advent (it was really fun last year!)
  • Continue reading Scott Hahn's latest book, Joy to the World  (and review it)
And some liturgical new year resolutions, that will probably change, but for now:
  • Continue to go to confession weekly
  • Go on at leasts two retreats in the next year
  • Pray more fervently about God's will in my life.
  • Well, pray more, in general.

What about you?! Does all of this Christmas-really-early-business drive you crazy, too? And how will you be preparing for Christmas during Advent this year?

Please share so I don't feel alone in my efforts. :) :)

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  1. I appreciate the cheer of people getting ready for Christmas, but also share in your frustration about the premature celebration. Thankfully I haven't really seen much of that this year, though. By witnessing to Advent as a season through our traditions, I think we can help people around us see why we choose to celebrate like we do. Maybe you could write a post about why you choose to celebrate the seasons the way you do! What does the church say about it? I would love to read more about Advent and how to make it more intentional!

  2. Yes! Agree with all of this! There are a few people who I love dearly who have posted pictures of fully decorated trees and even Advent wreaths and I'm constantly accosted by the sight of red Starbucks cups...I'm trying so hard not to go all grumpy cat on everyone but for real people, STAHHP already! We can wait one more week! Thanks for putting into words exactly what I've been feeling. I loved connecting with everyone during the BIS chat as well! And yes, overwhelming is the word since I'm still pretty twitter-illiterate.
    I might be stealing some of your goals as well re: confession and adoration, and I'll be waiting for that review. Blessings!

  3. Ooh! I love your Advent goals!!! I think I'll steal the journaling idea...

  4. This year has turned me into a Grinch. This year in particular, it seems like people are jumping ahead to Christmas way too early. I saw a Christmas tree tied to the top of a minivan on November 12. Nothing is sacred, and I don't know what to do! :(

  5. Amen, sister! Christmas is when I like to *start* celebrating Christmas.

    January is just drab otherwise.

  6. I love the idea of putting out one decoration every day during Advent - I've been thinking about this a lot lately - and since I usually have a rule about nothing before the Immaculate Conception, I've been torn - because that means I can only enjoy these things for 12 days. I'm leaving on the 20th for two weeks to be with my family for Christmas. I almost considered putting out nothing, but that would be so sad for my new house and it's first Christmas!

    1. I have a similar debate with myself every year, since I go to visit my family for a long stretch around Christmas, too.

      When do you take your decorations *down*? I leave mine up until at least Epiphany, so I usually decorate on Gaudete Sunday after Mass (because I'm rejoicing!) and save my Nativity scene for when I get back (when it's 100% Christmastime). Could you leave your decorations up until the Baptism of the Lord, since Ordinary Time doesn't start until the next day?


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