Preparing the Way {NAS}

I spent a RIDICULOUSLY long time making this.

I recently wrote about my slight frustration this year about seeing so much Christmas stuff welllll before Thanksgiving. I am not too sure why it's bothered me so much, buuuut it has. What I realized, though, is that I didn't do a great job of explaining why we wait. What is the big deal with Advent anyway? So, I thought I'd explore that a bit today. :)

First! Here are the ways that I will be focusing and being more intentional to help prepare for our Lord (as I previously stated):
  • Journal everyday with the Blessed is She Advent journal
  • Go to adoration twice a week
  • Put out a new decoration every day of Advent (it was really fun last year!)
  • Continue reading Scott Hahn's latest book, Joy to the World  (and review it)

Ok! So... Advent.

What's the deal? Well, listen. We are always preparing for something, right? Guests come: you get your house ready. Pregnant: you get all the baby things prepared. Big test soon: you study and learn all that you can.

And so, during Advent, we are getting ready for the most important guest (and baby! ha!) that has ever walked this earth.  We take the time to prepare, to hope, and to pray.

The Church gives us this time to prepare as a way to remind us (yet, again) that we should always be preparing for the Lord. No one knows when we will get to actually see Him, shouldn't we always be ready? How can we celebrate and rejoice something for which we haven't thoroughly prepared for?

Soooo, let's say you have a whole bunch of video clips that you need to make into some AWESOME movie, yet you hardly go through them and put some semblance of a movie together, how satisfied will you be? Versus, if you took the time to find the best clips, edited them, added music, etc to create your movie? Don't you think the latter would be more satisfying and exciting? You would be able to confidently rejoice in the quality of your movie!

That's kinnnnnnd of what Advent does. We are challenged to slow down, edit our life in certain ways, add some other things. All with hopeful anticipation of our Lord and Savior coming. So that when the day comes (Christmas), we can confidently rejoice in the Lord!

If nothing I have said makes ANY sense, then please enjoy this video. :)

Advent is about expecting, waiting, hoping and praying! What are you doing this Advent to prepare? Share all the deets with us! Link up below!

We will not be meeting for December... cue sad face emojis! We will resume January 6!
I will miss not hanging out every week, BUT I will be connected with most of you through your blogs, Twitter or the 'gram. Oh! And, don't forget about Facebook!

PLEASE let us know if you have any topic ideas... the best way is to email us! :)

Friends, I hope you have such a wonderful Advent, joyous Christmas and blessed New Year!
Thank you for being part of this awesome community. So much love to you!!

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  1. I love your put one decoration up a day idea. Lots of times with decorating I get SOOOO OVERWHELMED and I feel like that helps with that.

  2. I just love that video!!!!! Your explanation of Advent is awesome!!!!!

  3. Adoration twice a week is an awesome plan! Mine is social, so it's usually once a week. Sitting and watching in prayer with the Lord sounds exactly like Advent.


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