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Do you support the selfie trend? Do you think it promotes self absorption, vanity and narcissism? Is there a way to incorporate selfies into the Church's teachings of modesty, authentic beauty, humility?Thanks to Hannah!

Ohhhhh selfies. When I was in college... they were called self-portraits. They were used when you wanted to get a bunch of people in a pic without missing anyone. Often, you cut people out. Only got their mouths. Or were reeeeeally zoomed into an eye. :) But, that was part of the fun! You couldn't see what you were doing... so, it didn't really matter how ridiculous you looked! 

Now. Things have definitely changed. The technology has changed (hello front facing camera on my phone!). We seem to always be ready to be in a selfie. You take ONE MILLION pics until you find thee perfect one to tweet or 'gram or snapchat (if that's your thing- I still don't get it). You take moments out of an IRL moment to perfect your selfie.

Not everyone, of course. But, a lot of people. And, I am guilty of it.

I love pictures. I always have, always will. I love capturing the people/things I love and looking back on those moments. And, I do enjoy selfies. I do. 

There is a tendency to allow selfies to be just that - all about yourself. To prove to the world that this generation is a wee bit more self-absorbed and narcissistic than others (although I do think this is perspective- previous generations it seems, always think that the new/current kids are selfish). 

It's all about the intention and purpose of your selfie, right? There are many, many people who post selfies on social media solely for the purpose of getting the most "likes" or "retweets" or comments or whatever. They will do anything with their pic to get some attention. 

And, well... that is unfortunate. They seek attention (and often get it) because they are seeking something more, ultimately.  If you are relying on likes and comments to define your worth, you've got some other things going on. That attention is not going to be fulfilling in the long term. It's immediately gratifying, yes, but it's also temporary. Once that runs out... then what? How do you measure your worth?

You are worthy just for the fact of being YOU. Plain and simple. That's a whole other post for another time. :)

So, can you post a selfie without the purpose of the attention?! Obviously. I think many of us do that, too. If you look on my Insta feed... you will find many, many selfies. Like I said... I enjoy them. :) I don't know... I post them for me, really. They are moments I want to remember. They are moments that mean something to me. 

I think if our purpose of posting selfies is to bring beauty, joy and Truth to others, then we can do an awesome job of evangelizing. There is such great opportunity to share our daily lives with others in a way that is relatable. Understandable. Funny. - - if we are honest in our selfies, of course. As with all social media, we share the pics and moments that we want people to see. That make our lives look a certain way. Because, no one wants to share the hard. Nor should we have to.

But, when we can share in the authentic moments of life... we have a greater chance of connecting with others. We have a chance to bring real beauty to the world. Amongst the hard things. Amongst the frustrating. In ways that will call us to be humble. The more humility we seek, I'd like to think more room will be made to love better, and deeper.

Plus, Papa Francesco loves him some selfies. So, we can have fun with them, too, right?! ;)

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  1. I am with you! Real beauty! Authenticity! Humility when you don't get that perfect photo but you post what you have anyway! For the record, I don't do duck lips OR fish faces, and I think those are both silly. Mature, well-considered selfies FTW!


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