Peace out 20s!

Well... I'm here. It's the very last day of my 20s. (Annnnnnnd my 300th post!!)

It's amazing how much one changes in their 20s. People say that all the time, ya know?! But, I was still such a baby at 19 turning 20. I mean... I thought I knew about life, of course. Most college kids do.

But, man. How much I have grown up.

At moments, my 20s FLEW! At other times, I feel like they have been sooooo slooooooow.

I have done things that people only dream about. And, I haven't done things that I have only dreamed about. They have been so full. So amazing. So blessed. They have also been hard. Scary. Frustrating. Sad. Will you join me as I take a little look back at my crazy 20s?!

I had the very best time in college- RA, alternative spring break, working hard.

Went to a bar for the first time.

I finally found the missing piece to my life that I didn't know was missing- Jesus.

I witnessed my momma fall in love.

My brother got married.

I graduated college.

I went on a pilgrimage in France.

I became a registered nurse.

I lost my beloved Rosie (my wonderful dog I grew up with).

Figured out how to make my faith my own.

I lived with a whole bunch of wonderful ladies.

Bought my very first bed!

Figured out how to pay my own bills.

I worked at one of the top pediatric hospitals in the world.
(which brought with it so many amazing opportunities!)

Entered the world of online dating.

Went on many good (some bad!) dates.

I went on mission trips.

My best friends got married.

My best friends had adorable babies that I could love.

I became an Auntie.

I  lived and served in Honduras.

I became a godmother.

I went on a pilgrimage to Italy, and had an audience with the pope.

I looked for and started new jobs.

I went to Spain.

I traveled soooo much, really.

I lived by the beach... in FLORIDA.

I witnessed my dad quite smoking! :)

I prayed a lot. I laughed a lot. I cried a lot. I hugged a lot.
I lived my life.

But in between all of those awesome and amazing "big" things, my 20s were full of moments with the people that I love(d). The visits to their homes. The coffee dates. The intense conversations. The belly laughing. The crying. The hurt. The rejoicing. The fun. The adventures. The praying. The love.

I am so blessed. There is no other way to describe it. So very blessed.

With that... I will say, SEE YA LATER 20s!
It was great ride, but I am ready to see what my 30s will bring!

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  1. Happy birthday! Loved reading about your 20's - so much travel and love! Any big plans to celebrate?!

  2. Happy birthday!!! Sounds like your twenties have been fantastic, and now your thirties get to be even better, right!? Thanks for sharing your life! :D


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