A doozy of a Lent

Do you ever feel bombarded by sadness and tragedy? Does it ever just seem like... too much?

Recently I have been feeling inundated with some seriously sad situations.
With friends.
With friends of friends.
With coworkers.
With people that I don't even know.
With the events around the world, constantly on the news.

My heart just wants to crumble.

All of this sadness coupled with the heightened awareness of my sinfulness has made Lent 2015 - a doozy. To say the least.

Quite possibly one of the most intense Lents of my life.

I know. Lent is supposed to be hard. We are supposed to be reflecting on our sinfulness and ways to be better. I get it.

But... it's just overwhelming sometimes.  I know what's happening, though. The devil is tempting me. Trying to plant doubts in my heart and soul. To use these sad situations to show that God isn't who he says he is. To be aware of my sinfulness, to help me "get over it, and realize it's not that bad"... OR to make me feel bad about myself.

Ya know... anything to get me to turn away from our precious Lord.

BACK OFF, man. You are not welcome here. Stop trying to be all sneaky and weasel your way into my life. You hate this time of year... although you are hopeful to get people on your side... but mostly you hate it because even though we are aware of the sad things and the sinfulness of our lives, we continue to turn to our Lord. HA!

God doesn't promise this life we are living will be easy. He promises love- the most perfect love, even though we are sinful. And, through the death and resurrection of His son, he gives us hope of a better and perfect life. Where there is no sadness. Where there is no sin. Where there is no suffering.

We will all live together with Him in our most perfect form.

That is exciting.
That is worth living for.
That is what I desire most.

I hope this Lent has been fruitful for you! God is working over time in my life right now. I pray He will continue to speak to you, so that when Easter comes we can REALLY rejoice and be glad!

"... for with the Lord there is a steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption."
Psalm 130:7

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  1. Did you write this for me? Because, my goodness...

  2. Ah, I needed this! When I met with my spiritual director at the beginning of Lent, he basically said, "Well, your Lent isn't going to be fun. But it will be so good." So far, his comment was on point...

  3. My prayers are with you. Thanks for writing such an honest post.


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