NAS: It's Challenge Time, again, folks!

It's that time again! In the past we've challenged ourselves to grow and/or take steps toward moving closer to our vocation. These challenges have come in all different forms! Being active with online dating, getting more involved in young adult ministry/parish life, and working on bettering my prayer life have been personal challenges. What is one thing you want to challenge yourself to do that might help you along your path toward's God's will... or maybe just help you become more open to God's will?
Share what your plan is and why, then in 2 weeks we'll write on how this challenge went!!

Looking back on what I challenged myself with TWO Summers ago- getting more involved with my parish... I have been pretty successful! :) With youth group, Eucharistic Ministry, Young Adult Programs, RCIA as a sponsor... ya know, along with, spending time with friends, trying to keep my house decent, etc... man! I am busy! :)

For so long of my time here in FL, I have desired to be busy and to have a community and have things to do. And God has blessed me. Abundantly.

I have made some beautiful friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have grown closer to God. I have met new people. I have been humbled. I have been so grateful. So, so grateful! :)

In doing all of these things, my biggest challenge has been balancing my time! It's funny when the things you pray for and desire most happen, and THEN it can seem like too much! While I love being involved with so many things and feeling like I belong, I have come to realize how burned out I feel, too. Almost every single night I am doing something. Sounds great! I know. It is!

But, it's also draining. And I've lost sight of why I am doing what I am doing in many realms. Does that make sense? I have been doing all of these things, yes for myself, but really for other people, too. Being involved in ministries is giving of yourself to that ministry/those people, and what I have realized is that I need to figure out a way for me to be reenergized. I need to step back and remind myself that I don't have to do all.the.things. at the same time.

It's ok to take a break.

It's ok to do something for yourself.

And that's how I am challenging myself. :)

I want to do one thing per week just for myself, whether is be time in adoration, going for a run, blogging without distractions, meeting up to chat with a friend, etc... one thing that I am not obligated to do by the things I am involved with. Just one thing that I can do... for me. :)

Will you pray for me? Will you help me?

What is your challenge?! How are you feeling called to grow closer to God these days?!

Can't wait to hear!!! Linkup below and share with us!

We're more than half way through Lent... how's it going?! What did you decide to give up/take up? Did you make any spiritual goals? How have you grown thus far and how do you hope to make the most of the remainder of the season?

March 31
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