She has done a good thing for me.

Can you imagine being the woman who anointed Jesus with oil when he says, "she has done a good thing for me" (Mark 14:6)?!

Just take a second to let that sink in. You are standing right next to Jesus, you put yourself out there and anoint his forehead with a precious oil, and are being questioned by others for doing such a thing, and then, Jesus defends you, "she has done a good thing for me."


We desire this most, don't you think? I know I do. To meet Jesus face to face, as he looks back on my entire life, for him to say, "she has done a good thing for me." To which I am sure I would start balling and fall to his feet.

Today, as I reflect on the Palm Sunday readings (hello, Blessed is She!), it's a mixed bag of emotions, right? So close to Easter!! The pretty palms! Jesus is here! Oh, but then... pain. And suffering. And heartbreak. There is no way to get to Easter without His death. We have to go through it. We need to go through it.

I am overwhelmed thinking about how I am going to enter into Holy Week more deeply. My instinctive, human nature doesn't want to think about doing anything too crazy or too radical or too... painful. Because, who would?!

Jesus would. And, he did. He knew it would be painful, yet because the Father asked him to, he obeyed. He followed through with the worst kind of suffering there is. The craziest, most radical and most painful of deaths. Out of love for his people. For sinners. For you. For me.

I will be reflecting for the rest of the day how, exactly, I am going to push aside my selfish ways this week and offer them up to Him. I am a little nervous, but I know that Easter is coming right up. Through this suffering, we still have hope.

How will you be entering more deeply this Holy Week? Let's share, so we can continue to encourage and inspire one another! And, of course hope that our precious Lord will say,

She has done a good thing for me.

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  1. So many good lines from this past Sunday but yes yes yes this is possibly one of the best!!

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