No makeup, huh?!

If you've read this blog before, you know I've talked about my struggles with acne, especially after my pill experience. After committing to the Oil Cleansing Method using coconut oil and seeing results... I am so happy. So, so happy that something is working. It's not perfect, but nothing will ever be. I've accepted that, and am just thrilled at where I am right now in regards to my face.

To recap where I was:

And then today, April 2015:

With crazy hair and all, friends.

Ah! I can't even believe that's the same face. :) 
  • I tried different oils at first with the OCM, but found that coconut oil works the best for me.
  • I bought and LOVE my Clarisonic Mia 2
  • I tried an olive oil blend, but went back to my first love- coconut
  • Step by step on how I do OCM is here (with olive oil, but I promise I do the same with the coconut), but will post an update with that soon.

Ok, Jen... so why the "no makeup" title to this post?!


So, recently as it's gotten to be more humid and gross down in these parts of the US (#floridaliving), I've noticed that I'm really struggling with my makeup and feeling like it's just sitting on my face. My naturally oily skin doesn't always mix well with hot and humid weather. It just makes me feel gross. Blah.

As long as I have been working, being a grown up and such, I've always felt that I need to where makeup to work. Like, it's how I show that I am actually a professional, working hard or something. People who see my makeup and think, "wow, look at her professionalsim! She looks great at work and always does her best!" haha.. soooo silly. Is that just me?


ANYway, I decided to run a little experiment. One day, wear no makeup to work (other than mascara). Another day, just mascara and some powder. And a third day, a "full face." 

Here are the results after a day of work:

No Makeup

Mascara + Powder

 "Full Face"

I don't know about you...  but, I can hardly tell a difference. Between any of them. I am not sure if I just got the lighting good (I was outside/in car with door open for all of them), or I was having a good week... or I need new makeup! haha.

This is both fascinating and exciting to me! The fact that I can walk outside and even go to work without needing makeup and thinking that people are staring at my face is a HUGE thing!! Huge.

In the interest of full disclosure (b/c perhaps some of you are curious), my "full face" for work and going out for the night are slightly different. My going out face does have a bit more coverage and, obviously, eye makeup. But, STILL!

You guys. This is just so great for me. For someone who is thinking about her face practically every second of the day... I can finally let myself relax a little. I can be confident that I don't look as scary as I fear. :) I know this sounds crazy, but for all of you who struggle with acne, you know what I mean.

And with that... your most recent update on my face/OCM experience is done. :)

What things have you tried? What is working for you?

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  1. I'm so happy to see how well the coconut oil has worked for you. I use it for so many things, and it is just WONDERFUL. One thing I use is lemon juice - fresh squeezed - for exfoliation and to get rid of acne. I also use Clinique's acne face wash just to be sure, but I'm honestly not sure if that makes any difference, because I've been using lemons for a while and it works fine. :) (I wrote about lemons and acne on my blog #shamelessselfpromotion)


    The Starving Inspired

    1. I love hearing that lemon helps too ... I've been using Lemon Essential oil from Young Living on my face to fight acne for a few months and it's a great fit for me! Glad it's a trend, not a one time fix!

  2. Hey Friend - you have a beautiful face with and without make-up! I say wear what makes you comfortable - but don't feel awkward about not wearing anything at all, you're beautiful face stands out the in crowd (in a great way) without it!!!

  3. I began to develop terrible acne at about the age of nine or so. Seriously, it was bad. When I was twelve, my mother began to take me to a local beautician/skin specialist, and she saved my skin. I don't have scarring or pockmarks. People are incredulous when I tell them I had severe cystic acne. I don't wear foundation or powder.

    I'm 24 now. I still have appointments once a month. When I first starting going, I was having appointments twice weekly. This process is EXPENSIVE. And time-consuming. The treatment's success relies on the diligence of the patient when it comes to proper cleansing and product use.

    I still have oily skin. That's genetic, and as far as it goes, it's not the worst problem to have long-term. And the whole process has really taught me to take care of my skin.

  4. Oh my goodness Jen you face and skin look fantastic. I would have never thought that you didn't have any makeup on in that one picture!! Also your joyful smile in all the pictures trumps everything anyway. Keep being confident, joyful and enjoy Florida living!


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