NAS: Gratefulness

HIIIIII! I miss you, ladies.

I know I say that all the time... but it's true.

I am sorry I have not been writing these prompts... just giving them to you. It's not what I want. And, it's not who I want to be for you. :(

But. Life. It's cuh-ray-zee sometimes.

Btw... THANK YOU for all of you who watched my silly vlog! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It truly means a lot. :) :) :) It was fun... it's challenging for me, so I would like to continue. We shall see!


Niki gave us this great suggestion on gratefulness:

How do you encourage gratitude in your life when things aren't going your way? How do you reduce the complaining and self-pity? Does it make a difference in your attitude and overall perspective?

Share with us and link-up below!!!

Good Reads
What books, articles, devotionals, blogs, etc have you been reading, loving and being encouraged by?! Or even, movies, videos, podcasts? Share with us so that we may be inspired, too!

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  1. Thank *you* for continuing to post even though it is just the prompt. Something is always, always better than nothing (except for sin, I guess).


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