Pics and Clicks

I am tired. So tired, in fact, probably after I publish this post I will go to sleep. Which could very well be by 8:30. PM.

Who am I?

Does this happen to everyone when they reach their 30s?

So, b/c my brain is mush... you are getting some pics! And some things around the interwebs that I have found interesting/funny/entertaining/etc. I don't usually do that, but hey! It might be fun!

I need to get more cherries. I ate these suckers in a DAY. A day.

My people! They finally got home! :)

And then sweet Zuz got sick... and had so many cuddles in her!

Don't you always take some selfies with the Pope?!

I spent quite a bit of time with Zuz this week... and I can't say I minded. :)

Casual Fridays and friends who let you use their cup b/c yours was leaking!


Don't you have little friends who show up for "frotty meelk" making?!

  • If you are part of the NAS FB group, then you probably already read this article, but if not, then there you go! I am proud of that girl for sticking to her morals and faith, and then sharing it with the world!! So cool... also, I hope they share pics of their wedding! :)
  • Jenny shared this post by Ashley (who I don't know or follow, but maybe I'll start!) who talks about ways to support bloggers/friends. I always get SO excited when someone leaves a comment, or tweets a post or something (although I'm horrible at letting you guys know that... please forgive me. I am working on it!), and really need to do that more often. I sometimes feel like those comments and tweets I do for others gets lost and unseen, but what about all of my blog friends who don't have a huge following?! They still want some love! Anyway, I strive to be better!
  • This one from Nell also has some good ideas, too!
  • Need some good laughs and mindless entertainment?! Watch the Jim Gaffigan Show! DANGIT! I was gonna link to the episode... b/c it was FREE, but it's not anymore. Boooo! I am sorry about that! It starts soon on TV Land.

And, that's about all I've got for you. It's the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!!! Praise the Lord. Seriously. I hope you all have such an awesome week!

Prayers and hugs,

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  1. Yay for it almost being the summer for you! Summer is just exciting, even getting older :-) Those cherries and coffee look amazing, and I love the conversation on supporting fellow bloggers. I can't say it's something I think about super often, but what a good thing to think about! Hope your last week goes well :-)

  2. The only thing I hate about these posts is that since I follow you on the 'gram I have already seen these pictures. Call me a stalker if you must.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my post! So happy to meet you, I can't wait to check out your blog!


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