NAS: wait, TWO years {+ Summer Plans}

Hello lovely ladies!!

This week, it's a little more relaxed... because, well...





I cannot believe it's already been TWO years! Way back on June 4, 2013, when Morgan and I made our very first NAS post, we had NO idea what was in store for us.

The love.

The discussions and topics.

Learning more about who I am, and how God sees me.

The travel.


The friendships.

The community.

The laughs.

And most importantly... realizing that I am not alone in this life that I am living!

I will never ever (eva eva) be able to explain my love and gratitude to ALL of you ladies who have been on this 2 year journey with us. Writing. Reading. Commenting. Praying. Some have been here since day 1, or perhaps you just started reading along... either way, you are vital to what we are doing. Without you, there would be no community to serve. Without you, we would all feel alone, wandering our way through this life we are trying our darndest to live.

Thank you for supporting, loving, encouraging, inspiring and just being YOU!

If you have any thoughts about the Not Alone Series as it's anniversary approaches, we would LOVE to hear. How has it helped you? Encouraged you? Built community, perhaps? Please link-up at Morgan's!


Share with us your plans for the summer!! Fun trips? Just relaxing? Hanging with friends? Trying anything new?


Do both. :)

Me? My summer starts in just about... FOUR days!!! I can.not.wait. I will be relaxing a bit and traveling to see my family. Not sure exactly what is up... but, I must make a point to go to the beach regularly. Tough, isn't it?! #floridaliving


We will be taking a break for the Summer. No scheduled posts as of right now, but as soon as that changes we will be sure to announce it! Please continue to keep this community in your prayers! We are always hanging out and chatting in our FB group! If you have not already joined, PLEASE DO!!

As always, thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. I am praying for you all!

Don't forget to link up with Morgan!

SOOOO much love and prayers,

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  1. If you make any trips up to Pittsburgh you need to reserve a coffee or lunch for me, I am just sayin'

  2. Yay! Thanks for co-hosting for 2 years, Jen! Your post made me think about what it would be like without the NAS, and I just can't imagine that now :-) You have all changed my experience with the internet, and made it so much more encouraging. Thank you. And yay for beach trips over the summer. Hope you have lots of time to soak up that sunshine!

  3. Hosting is no easy job. I have seen more than one great effort fail for lack of persistent leadership. Thank you for serving us!


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