Vacation Mode

Well, hello there!

Yep... I've been in full on vacation mode around here. Right when school was out, I went straight up to DC to visit family and hang out around my beloved city.

Then I was home for a night before I whisked myself away to Orlando to spend time with the Orams.

I've been home for a few days... catching up and pretty much doing... nothing.

And it's been awesome. :)

I am feeling really good these days.
Life is good.
God is so awesome.
Some possible big transitions coming up... and I am ready.

So, here is a snapshot of how Summer 2015 has been in my life! :)

Basilica of the Immaculate Conception... I love you.

How sweet is this?!

I enjoyed lots of quiet moments at my grandparents house. It was perfection.
Also... These Beautiful Bones... AMAZING. You must read it. I will review it once I'm done.

I call this a GRILLED Cheese Sandwich.
Grammy on the other hand, TOASTED Cheese Sandwich.
What about you?

Aren't they the cutest?!

One of my dearest, dearest friends.


Skyping with the brudder, SIL and nieces!

Roadtrip with Blackacre up to Orlando!

We enjoyed our day at Blizzard Beach.
Where Zuz continued to prove to all of us, that she is growing up. REALLY fast.

So many cuddles with this dude.

I love sunsets.

She crawled right up in my bed and said that I could go sleep in the other one.
Well, ok then.

Life with kiddos. Stuff everywhere :)

I love watching them get used to one another, learn and grow to love each other. 

This kid.

I started running. Again. ... please pray it continues this time.

My personal hair stylist ;) Totally kidding... kind of.

What do you think of my "Pinterest" photos?!
Also, isn't my hair just great?!

Actually... these are WAY better!

So happy to be back to my morning prayer/journal time with coffee routine!

Well, that's life lately for me.

I'm working on a few other posts... maybe I will actually finish them one day! For those of you that read regularly... is there anything that you would like me to write about? Update on?

Let me know!!

Abrazos y amor,
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  1. Love it!!

    So I am thinking about doing a post on creating a living space you love. Thoughts on both doing it?

    Update on your young adult community? Do you belong to a parish, why or why not? How to survive summer in Florida?


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