#DCbound (Roadtrippin') + #HelloDC (Exploring)

As I have already stated... I have finally made it up to DC (more specifically NoVA!), and it is good and weird and awesome to be back!

I am just bored. Ha!

I was go go go from packing to the moving to the road trip to hanging out with Steph before she left. And then.... nothing. I don't know that many people yet, I don't belong to a parish and my job doesn't start for another week! So, starting all over again with building community and finding your place can be a little daunting, ya know?!

It's ok, though. I am seriously grateful for this time with my family. To just be. To pray. To drive around and get used to my surroundings again. It's all good stuff. I'm just ready to find my people.

But, I thought you might enjoy a little move/road trip/DC recap in pictures? I thought so.

Let's go!

Zuz was ALL about the big twuck... and was very helpful
getting some very important things loaded up!

Perfect way to end the evening... with my favoritest family watching the sunset on the beach.

Road Trip Day #1: Florida/Georgia

A little blurry... but the sweetest.
The morning I left, stopped by the Orams to say goodbye. It wasn't too long, b/c ya know...
it was painful enough. Those kids.
That family.
My bff.
I love them all so much.
I miss them everyday.

Ok! We are FINALLY on the road... 

This girl right here.
I am so thankful for her and her wonderful friendship.
ALL of her help.
Her level-headedness.
Her go-with-the-flowness.
Her prayers.
Her love.
Couldn't have made this trip without her.

We had to stop. We just had to.
Florida is the longest flipping state EVER.
I was emotional. I was tired. I was drained.
My car overheated (again).
Sometimes, you have to forfeit your plans just a little, so you are prepared for the next.
And we did. Stopped at a hotel for the night when we got to Georgia.
And it was glorious.
A little toe-dip in the pool. Yummy dinner. Good night sleep.

"Truck parking"

Can't have a good night without these guys... ok, and Steph, too!

Road Trip Day #2: Georgia/South/North Carolina

Woke up and went straight through SC and onto NC.
Had only a few minutes at South of the Border b/c I needed to get my car looked at.

Of course, though, we made time for a selfie.... obviously.
Ah! I was so excited to get to Fayetteville! A good friend from college lives there with her adorable family. I hadn't seen Lisa and Dan since their WEDDING 7 years ago. 7!! I love social media because we have been able to reconnect and I have seen her family grow... and now they have two adorable kiddos that I couldn't get enough of.

Another thing to note- Dan and Lisa looooooove each other. I would go on to say ADORE each other! :) It was absolutely beautiful to witness their love/life. To see my friend from college living out her vocation as wife and mom, with a man who was all about living out his vocation as husband and dad.  It was refreshing and encouraging. Not because it was "perfect," but because it was life. Their life. And they were living it joyfully.

Thank you Dan and Lisa for your awesome hospitality, for your yummy food and your cute kiddos to play with. I can't wait to see you again!!


Peterrrrrr! And that smile.
It slays me every time.

This was the first and best one!
Clare happened to close her eyes juuuuuust at this moment.

Road Trip Day #3: North Carolina/Virginia/NOVA

While we waited for my car to get fixed up, we enjoyed more time with Lisa and the kiddos, had lunch downtown and enjoyed our time. :) We finally got on the road, stopped for dinner and entered NOVA just as the sun was to set. What a welcome home!

Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

Steph has a thing for Cheetos.
 Exploring DC area Day #1

Because I like to take the same pic...
we said goodbye to that big, yellow, truck! It was kind of sad.
We pretty much felt like bada**es driving that thing.
Yes, technically different day... but we managed to get all my crap into storage
on the first day we were there.
Thanks to my Daddy and Steph!

Getting some much needed prayer time in.
This trip could also be titled "Catholics do DC"

Gave Steph a little tour of my alma mater- MU!

Exploring DC Area Day #2

After Mass we headed to National Harbor and it was awesome, per usual.
We had lunch.
People watched.
The good stuff.

Uncle Bob or Nick Jonas????
HA! Steph walked by this portrait (left) at Grammy's and says,
"So, your Uncle is Nick Jonas?!"
And now I can never unsee it.

Exploring DC area Day #???

It was so fun to show Steph the shrine!! :)

A yummy lunch at Busboys & Poets.

A Pope selfie Part deux.

Ah!! I was SO excited to meet Elise! I met her through #BISsisterhood.
It was fabulous! She is the sweetest!

Then off to the Franciscan Monastery.
Where we attended daily Mass!
 Exploring DC area Day #???: 
Great Falls

Love this girl.

My favorite.

This was our last night together.
Binge-watching TV.
We were always laughing. It was thee best.

Phew! Made it.

Thank you. Thank you all for your many many MANY prayers for the journey up. They were felt and appreciated. I couldn't have gotten through the trip without them.

Thank you, Steph... for everything. I will remember this time together for always. You are such an amazing friend to take time out of your life to do this with me. But, mostly that you pray for me, love me, encourage me and make me laugh. Thank you for being exactly who you are. *kissy face emoji*

And with that. I will end.
Hugs and love,

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  1. Yay, Jen! So glad to see the joy through a wonderful but hard transition. Keeping you in my prayers!


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