Living Room Help!

Hi Guys!

So... there are just too many choices to design a space. I mean, obviously. I watch HGTV, so I get it. But, when it's YOU that has to make the decision it can be overwhelming. This does not come naturally to me. I just want to be done and have my home feel like home.

But, such is life. I don't have an unlimited budget (what?! I know.) and am not a DIYer. I have succumbed to the fact that I maaaaaaay have to do some DIY things. But, it intimidates me. I need to look for the good thrift stores in my area, still.

But, Jen, what is your style?! I DON'T KNOW! That is such a big question! But, here is what I have been really drawn to...

  • Midcentury modern... tapered legs give me all the heart eyes.
  • Bohemian textures/colors
  • Mixed materials- wood/metal is the bomb
  • So, eclectic. That's me.
  • West Elm. If I could buy ALL the things, I'd be set.
The issue with the MCM/Boho look is that it's very minimalistic. I have a problem with clutter. And right now, I have stuff everywhere still. Boxes. Stuff with no home. Things I don't even know what I am going to do with. I know that the big stuff will settle overtime. But, in a general sense, I do have a hard time throwing stuff away. *eye roll* I knoooooow.

For the MCM/Boho look to work well, I need to learn how to control allll that. That should be another post with advice.

Living room! That's what I need advice for right now! Help!

So, the space is... interesting. It's open to the dining area. But is also long and kind of narrow. To figure out where the TV should go that works with the couch and chair. Ugh.

Inspection Day

After move-in and for about a month I lived like this.

And this is what it's been for almost another month!
Obsessed with my IKEA Chair!!
West Elm Peggy Couch
I just rearranged because it just didn't feel right. I am not convinced the below design is best. But, I am going to live with it like this for a bit. In pictures it actually looks nice, but in real life it feels weird still. But, that could be because it's new.

The kitchen is behind me to the left (enclosed)
The dining area is to the right, behind... open.

Side table is from World Market

Just to give you a better idea of the flow of the entire space.
This was before I moved the living furniture, obviously.
And I don't have the placemats out like that.
West Elm dining table.
IKEA dining chairs.
Eames chairs from TJMaxx
SOOO! What do you think of the living setup? I would mount the TV on the wall in the corner. And I need a fun area rug! It needs to fill the area, complimentary to the dining rug, more functional than just for the look (technically I should have wall-to-wall carpeting... ask me about that ordeal sometime! #homeownership).

Give me all your ideas!
ALSO! What resources do you LOVE for home design/style?! Especially for a newbie like me!

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  2. Woohoo! Good job trying, Jen! I'm sure it's super hard to figure out. SO MANY decisions! If you'd like your living/dining area to feel more separated, I would recommend switching the couch and chair, which would give the dining table it's own space behind the couch. Then maybe a larger unit with cupboards for the tv, putting it a little higher. Then having it open to the entry way would give it a more open feel, if you're into that. A big art piece or frame collage on the long wall would make it feel more like your own, BUT I bet it'd be hard to decide on what to put there. How about a cute lamp? And rugs? So many options, I don't know what to say there. The little table and flower by your window is awesome!

  3. I'd check out Pinterest - there are some fun websites on there that you can play around with the dimensions of your room and furniture and arrange it differently on the web {instead of pushing furniture around all day!}. Also, I found Pinterest helpful in that I'd pin a bunch of things and then go look at that board and think, hmm, I guess I have a theme!
    My other suggestion is to realize that nothing has to be permanent! Arrange your furniture with your TV and lamps and rugs {and throw pillows! those are fun and cheap!} and if you hate it next month, re-arrange! :D I've lived in my oddly-open floor plan for 3 years and have re-arranged at least that many times. Good luck!

  4. Love the Hard wood floors! And that's a great couch you picked out.
    You might check out Tiffany Pratt's "This Can Be Beautiful", which has affordable design ideas. She's an amazing interior designer (or check out her photos on Instagram).


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