How about an OCM update?!

Well, it's October 1st.

October. First.


I could write about Fall, and all the things. Pumpkin. Cozy sweaters. SCARVES!

It's also my patron's feast day. Happy feast day, St. Therese!!! Pray for us! I should probably write about her beautiful doctrine and all the awesomeness that she is.

Instead... I bring you an OCM update. Why? Well, why not?

I haven't written about it in, ohhhh... a year and a half. I figured now is as good a time as any to provide a little update!

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What's better than before and after, er, now pictures?!

Annnnnnd TODAY!

October 2016
This is seriously amazing! :) I love doing this... it gives me such a great perspective on how much my face has improved. I see it everyday, so, of course, I am my own worst critic. I see everything. But, this!


Right cheek.

So exciting!!! No Makeup.
Also. Crazy long hair.
Guys. I am comfortable running errands, going to work, going out, etc WITH NO MAKEUP. I don't constantly think about what people may possibly me thinking when they look at my face. Gosh, I don't know if I ever thought I'd ever be comfortable in my skin. 

I am TOTALLY comfortable in my skin. Ah! PTL!

What am I doing, you ask?! THE SAME THING!

The Oil Cleansing Method with coconut oil. Interestingly, I have NOT used the Clarisonic in over a year. I can't really tell you why I stopped. But, I did... and for right now I am ok with not using it.

My method continues to be this...
  • Take my eye makeup off and brush my teeth
  • Scoop some coconut oil into my hand (maybe a nickel size) with a 
  • Rub the oil alllll over my face and jaw line
  • Wipe off with hot wash cloth (as hot as you can stand it)
  • May take a few times to get all the oil, makeup, etc off
  • Rinse out washcloth
  • Splash some water on my face
  • Pat dry with towel
  • Go to bed
  • Wipe face with hot washcloth
  • Take a leeeeetle bit of coconut oil and rub on face as moisturizer

Really. It's that easy.

I say this all the time but I will say it again. Please take the time to see which types of oils work for you. You may need a combo. You may need something completely different than coconut. Your skin may react differently to certain oils than others. Take the time to find what will work for you. :)

For me. I loooooooove me some coconut oil. :) :)

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  1. Amazingly beautiful always! What a difference and good for you for not giving up until you found a solution. I hope this post helps others who have similar issues. You are awesom and I love you!

    1. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience on oil cleansing method as well as usage of coconut oil. One of my student has same problem as you had who is taking help in assignment when she needed. She will be happy to apply this OCM and get her real look back. Thanks a again for a beauty tips.

  2. Wow! That's legitimately amazing. I might recommend this to a certain person I know who also struggles with cystic acne.

  3. How awesome, Jen! So happy for you that you found something that's worked. Coconut oil can seriously do so many things.

  4. Jen I am so pleased you have had such stunning results from coconut oil. I gave up on it when I tried it but you have motivated me to give it another go; I have been on absolute despair lately with my ageing/ rosacea prone/ acne prone skin and I am finding it difficult to face people. Nothing is helping so maybe it is time to go natural again. I hope so much it works the way it has for you. You are so, so naturally beautiful! I would settle for just looking acceptable right now lol. - kindest regards, Karen in England :-)

  5. Ok... thanks. Found this post! Just hope I can get the same amazing results you have! And I just hope my skin starts healing and not braking out now!

    I also dream of not having to wear make up!

    Great results!!! Your skin looks great!
    How long before your skin stopped breaking out? Many months?


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