Lent + Self-Care

I went for a walk this morning.

And it was wonderful.

I told myself when I went to bed last night that I would get up and walk. It's supposed to get cloudy and rainy, then be back to normal February weather tomorrow. I had to enjoy this "Spring in February" while it was still here. Be outside. Get some precious vitamin D.

And now I am enjoying my balcony. Letting the sun hit my face, as I sit here squinting and writing; listening to some 90s jams.
62* and sunny... glorious!!

And it all feels so good.

I think there may be a misconception that single people are so good at taking care of themselves because they have so much extra time to do so. Or there is some sort of expectation to do so.

And, yet.  I really suck at it.

The reality is... I work full time. I sit in almost 2 hours of traffic on any given day. I get to work early to *try* to get out at a decent time, but, how do we think that works out? I am exhausted when I get home. And when I am inside my cozy, little place... it takes A LOT for me to leave again. My weekends are usually filled with trying to sleep in, run errands, do laundry, etc. So much of that is just spent sitting, vegging, catching up on a show.

So much of my time when I am not at work is spent thinking about work and what is going on. What I need to do. What did I forget. How can I be better. When I move on from work, it's what I need to do around my house, laundry, do I have something to eat, when will I visit my grandparents, how am I going to schedule doctor appointments even though I work, what family haven't I caught up with lately, which friend do I need to reach out to, etc.

These days, it's more of just getting by and surviving. Ya know? All of these things are important and needed and good for me. I mean, adulting, right?

But, then the weather perks up and I go for a walk and feel the sun, I am reminded that doing something for myself- for me, for my health, for my sanity- is so very lacking in my life.

Just as you busy moms learn to take advantage of your 30 minutes while the kids are resting, I need to do the same thing. I have to learn how to use the time that I have and make it work for me.

It's really just the same thing.

Maximizing our time and making ourselves a priority. Taking care of ourselves, a little bit each day, will allow us to be better in our jobs, for our kids, for our families.

So, Lent is coming. Have you heard?! ;)

I had some plans... but I think that Lord is nudging me to make this a priority. To do something each day that is for myself.

That doesn't include the computer.
My phone.

I still think I need to ponder what that will look like for me. It could be a daily walk, making my way back up to running? Time in adoration? Take a class? Going to bed on time?

I sometimes get caught up in how I need to do all of these BIG and AMAZING things to take care of myself. There doesn't need to be a "wow" factor.
This is for me.
The simple, the better.

If you were going to focus on self-care for Lent, what things would you choose? What would that look like for you??

I hope and pray that this Lent is beautiful and fruitful for you!
Blessings and prayers,

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  1. Great thoughts! This isn't necessarily self-care, but I liked this post on different things to do each day: http://prayerwinechocolate.com/39-ways-to-keep-lent-holy-without-giving-up-sweets/

    It's so easy to let Lent slip by without being as intentional as I should. I love your idea of intentional self-care...it would make one more refreshed, more peaceful, and more open to seeing God in the little things!


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