Oil Cleansing Method + Acne Update!


We are still loving in some weird times. Things are opening back up and moments of "normal" are returning. As much I am ALL for that... the slow pace of life and routine that I (we were all) forced to dive into will be missed. While it was challenging and hard, so many blessings have come from this time. 

One being... an appreciation for my skin! HA.
I'm serious. For the majority of my life I was constantly thinking about, worried about, disgusted with, or irritated with my face. My unclear, blemish-ridden skin. 

I was scrolling through old pics and came across old blog pics from 2013-2014. I was shocked to see how terrible my skin was. I read my old blog entries... oof. The struggle was so real. And hard. 

These are the old pics:

July 2014

But, today. Oh, today.

July 2020

I posted this pic on IG a while ago:

This was back in April. I discovered the sweet spot of natural light from my window (it's seriously amazing). I was working from home, not going to Mass, not going anywhere really, sooooo... no need for makeup. I have no makeup on in this pic (ok, mascara and some lip color). Juuuuuust bare skin. One of the gifts of this time was getting comfortable seeing my face and skin for what it is. And... loving it. Yes, there are scars. Yes, there are wrinkles. Yes, there are crows feet.

But, I see my face and I'm not disgusted. I don't pick it apart. I don't feel like I need to hide it.
Seriously freeing.
And a gift.

Here is the run down of my previous OCM and acne chats! These list all the other things I have tried, including oil combos, so if that is of interest to you... happy reading!!

Acne treatment frustrations- ie, not taking the pill. (June 2014)
OCM + Clarisonic (July 2014)
OCM Update (January 2015)

My routine is pretty much the same. However, I don't use the Clarisonic Mia 2 or witch hazel anymore.


  1. If I have mascara or eye makeup on I will use the Neutrogena makeup removes wipes to remove it.
  2. Floss and brush teeth. (HA! Might as well give you the whole shebang)
  3. With clean hands, I will then take some coconut oil from the jar (about a quarter size, maybe), soften it with my hands (not an issue right now b/c my bathroom is fairly warm during the summer months) and then rub all over my face.
    • Enough to really rub it around all over, but not dripping off.
  4. Let it sit there for a bit, while I grab my washcloth and get the water pretty hot. 
  5. Wipe off my hands, rinse washcloth.
  6. Begin wiping off the oil from my face. I will rinse of the washcloth a few times until I feel like all of the oil is off.
  7. I wash my hands (Bath & Body Works Vanilla Coconut foam hand soap), rinse my face with some water.**
  8. Pat dry with towel.
  9. bareMinerals SkinLongevity- Vital Power Infusion (it's a serum type thing for moisture and such. I love it! I've been using it for years!) all over my face
  10. bareMinerals SkinLongevity- Vital Power Sleeping Gel Cream all over my face (love this stuff, too!!)
** Sunday/Wednesday- wash face with light scrub/exfoliator wash. Whatever I have around!


  1. While in the shower, I take a different washcloth and wipe my face and neck.
  2. I don't use any cleanser or anything. 
  3. Only water and washcloth.
  4. Pat dry with towel
  5. bareMinerals SkinLongevity- Vital Power Infusion.
  6. Done.

Other notes:
  • I try to wash/switch out my washcloths about every 2 weeks
  • Same with my pillow cases (although I get lax with this more than I'd like to admit!)
  • Clean hands are key
  • You are beautiful no matter what your skin looks like!

ALSO. I just want to acknowledge- this will not work for everyone. Like I have said, I have tried alllll sorts of treatments and cleansers and combos of oils. Once I started with coconut oil... everything clicked and fell into place. For many, coconut oil does not play nice. For me... it works. Part of the deal is patience and trying something and patience and trying something else until you figure out what works for YOU!!

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

So much time to think.

"What a weird time we are living in, huh? A worldwide health crisis, not seeing our friends and family as we usually do, routines out of whack and so many unknowns. No doubt, there is a lot of extra difficulty these days. Worry, fear, and uncertainty can stir up the deepest parts of our hearts: old “stuff” that we had already “dealt with” or even new “stuff” that is throwing us off even more. Perhaps this sudden stripping away of normal life reveals parts of ourselves that we didn’t even know needed attention. What if this time of social distancing and quarantine, as hard, scary, and confusing as it is, is a way that the Lord is asking us to let all it go - comfort, routine, normalcy, expectations, etc. - in order to see who we are underneath? To see where His love, His light, and His Mercy can rush in to comfort and heal. 
That is exactly what the Lord did for me when I moved to Honduras in 2012 to serve as a nurse. I had left my job, moved away from family and friends to a new country, new culture, and new language. Everything that had been holding me together - my “normal life” - was now gone. This transition ended up being one of the lowest points of my life..." read the rest of what I wrote here.

Definitely weird times were are living in. I do hope and pray that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!

Fortunately, I am still working, mostly from home. So, that was an adjustment. Many other things cancelled. Lots of Zoom meetings/meet-ups. I can't wait to stare at a friend's face IRL and not through a screen.

Nuts. I am praying that we are closing in on all of this and we can start getting "back to normal." Whatever that will look like.

I know many people are taking this time to learn new things, be creative, etc. I am not one of those people, but I am...

  • Trying to build better habits for prayer.
  • Being better about journaling.
  • Getting things done around the house.
  • Actually cooking myself meals.
  • Being intentional about reaching out to people.
  • Going for walks. Lots and lots of walks. You may recall that I love them.
  • Trying to write.
I am also sorting out lots of thoughts and feels and all the things. Trying to keep bringing them to Christ. As I allude above, this time really can be challenging on an emotional/mental level if we are now faced with hurts, wounds, thoughts that we usually stuff away with the normal of everyday life. There are parts of my heart that the Lord is shining his light on for more healing. And it's so hard.

It's hard for a person like me who can quickly take all of my struggles and wounds and sins and weaknesses and RUN with it and get caught up in how not great of person I am. 

But that is a lie.

Jesus says to St. Faustina, "Do not argue with Me about your wretchedness. You will give Me pleasure if you hand over to Me all your troubles and griefs. I shall heap upon you the treasures of My grace." Diary of St. Faustina, 1485

One of the things that the Lord is doing during this time is making me THAT much more aware of my weaknesses so that I CAN bring them to him. It's not the first thing I think to do, because who wants to go to Love and Perfection itself when you are SO FAR FROM THAT.

But, that's the thing with Mercy. And what I think the Lord is trying to show me over and over and over. It brings Him JOY and consoles His sorrowful heart. His heart literally poured forth mercy on the Cross to shower upon the world and not many people take advantage of that. And it brings Him so much more pain. His mercy is unfathomable and endless. 

He wants me.
He loves me.
I bring Him joy.
I console His heart.
All of me
And when I do choose to go, this is how I imagine it...
Sticker from Just Love Prints

Same goes for you.

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