Whoa... it's been quite a busy few days.  I am now back in DC, and it has been go, go, go for the first 2 days I've been here. :)

What can I expect?  This is home... and I have so many loved ones that I want to see, and for the most part want to see me! :)  It was really great to see my dad, who I hadn't seen since he visited me in Honduras.  Of course he was ready with the camera, taking an awful pic as I was getting my bags. ;)  Sorry, it just so happens, I didn't ask him for a copy.

It was crazy to be back at the airport that I had left from so many months before to begin my crazy adventure, and see that nothing really had changed.

I was so excited to get back and see MY CAR!!!  We dropped my bags off, I plugged in my NEW iPhone to charge and we were off to get dinner (so I could drive!).  My dad's house looks exactly the same, and the town around hasn't really changed, either (with the exception of a few more houses and the addition of a Dunkin' Donuts).

On Sunday, I got up early to go to Mass (a beautiful, beautiful Mass... I really have missed the Arlington Diocese), swung by to get my dad to head over to DD for breakfast. :)  The rest of the morning we ran around getting things done, all with my dad, as I feel he wanted to really make sure I knew how to get to places and that I could still drive. ;)  That evening we went to Grammy's for dinner with my family!  It was SO wonderful to see them.  All of them are doing well, still busy and living their lives, just as when I left.  My Grammy is looking like a rockstar after having some cancer removed from her face recently.  With that minor exception, things are still pretty much the same.

I was then able to head over to MD to see my BFF, Colleen, and her almost 2 year old daughter, Juliana, who were in town visiting family.  It was nice to see Colly and get a good hug from a good friend.  AND, to see her cute baby belly, as well as, feel her babe kicking all around.

We had breakfast the next morning, and then I headed over to Children's to visit my old work place.  It was definitely surreal walking back into that place.  Nothing has changed!  It was so weird.  It really felt like I was still working there, had the day off, and decided to stop by for a few.  A few other people have left the unit I worked on, and new people have started, but for the most part... it's the same.

It all kind of hit me as I went by the National Shrine, walked around and did some reflecting/praying in front of the Eucharist:


And, I don't really know how I feel about it.  It's a very weird feeling to come back to this place after 9 months and have everything pretty much be how I left it.  There is so much that has happened to me, and changed with me in these same 9 months, I feel like everything else should, too.  I am seeing things a little differently, so I feel like it should be reflected in the environment around me.  I wonder if I had come back home straight from Honduras if this would have totally freaked me out, or I would have had the same reaction as now?  Who knows.  It's all happening how it's supposed to happen.  God still has these wonderful plans for me, I just still haven't discovered them yet.  But, transitioning, figuring out who I am and discovering who He is in my life are all part of what He wants me to do right now. :)

So, that's what I am doing.

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