Stepping on the scale.

Tomorrow I am leaving and heading back to DC, so I have started to pack.  There is really nothing that I enjoy about packing.  Nothing.  Ugh.  I digress... I decided, after the suggestion from my mom, to send a box of things back to my dad's so that my suitcases will be under 50 lbs. (Thanks to Southwest I can check my two large bags and they are FREE)  But, I needed to pack my bags and make sure they weighed ok.  To do that, however, I needed to weigh myself and then weigh myself with the bag (b/c I don't have the handy luggage scale that I got as a gift a few years ago).

Key words there... I had. To weigh. Myself.

I think it was one of the only times when I have ever stepped on the scale and literally said out loud, "oh. my. gosh."

This is a much cuter face than I probably made. Pic from here.

Now, I know that I am not fat.  But, I am not skinny, either.  My weight fluctuates like every other girl, but I have never been one to really worry about it.  I mean, as a girl, I do think about it, but never obsessively.  I want my cute outfit to look good, and I want to be attractive (I mean, hello?!  I am 27, and time is ticking to find a man.  Wait... did I really just say that?!  I guess I did.  And, let's be honest, there really is no rush. ;) ha, oh, Jen..).  

Anyway... I just feel... gross.  Ya know?  Not comfortable in your own skin, clothes fit just a little differently kind of gross.  I have been basically celebrate-eating (ya know, when you have someone visiting, or you just got a new promotion and you go out to eat!) for the last 3 weeks, b/c 1) I am back in the states and have access to good food all of the time, and 2) I am here visiting my bro, and we always go out and eat good things when I visit.  Oh, and 2 vacations back to back before leaving Honduras.  So, it makes sense. :) But, I think it's catching up with me.  And, the inactivity.

I have never been into exercise.  Ok, I swam practically my whole life up until college, and worked in a hospital where I was walking constantly, and then in Honduras where I had to walk over a Km to the clinic everyday, and everywhere else for that matter... but that's lifestyle.  I have tried the joining a gym, getting a personal trainer thing... and I don't stick with it.  I know, I know.  Judge me all you want.  But, it's just not something I really enjoy.  Yes, everyone says that exercise kind of grows on you and then you learn to enjoy it.  But, I just don't think it works for me like that.  I do well when I don't know it's exercise!  My mind and body have to be tricked... and then it's good all around.

So, I say all of this because... well, because it was on my mind.  I need to start doing something a little more active, and a little less eating.  But, what?  Maybe going for long walks?  Trying not to snack as much?  I dunno... something.  Something that will work for me.  Especially because I will be traveling and road tripping all over the place very, very soon.  And, I don't have extra money to buy new Fall clothes! ha... motivation?

¡Vamos a ver!

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