5 States in 5 Days

I am back in VA for the night, and will head to Charlotte, NC tomorrow and see my friend IRENE!!! I am excited, can you tell?  We were fellow volunteers in Honduras, and I am SO looking forward to being in close proximity with someone from there, and who just... gets it. :) :)

Anywho... I was in 5 states in the last 5 days (yes, this does include my drive today from NJ to VA, but it sounds cool to say I was in all of those places), and had a great time.  Spending time with Coll is always fun, to see her enjoying her life as wife and mom.  It's just so neat to witness all of the things we talked about back in college actually happening.  She has such a beautiful family, and I had fun playing with the girls (as seen in previous post) and laughing about silly things with Coll.  I love friends.  Thanks for letting me hang out!  Love you.

I drove across PA (who knew that it was SO long?!  It took a little over 6 hours.  I just never thought about it.) to get to Jackson, NJ to visit my Aunt Susan and Uncle Ronnie.  I was so happy it was able to work out that I could stay with them.  They have been nothing but supportive and loving with EVERYTHING in my life over the years, AND meeting my mom and I at the shore every Summer for however many years.  I know Aunt Susan is also reading this... so, THANK YOU for everything.  I love you both so much, and appreciate your love and support.  Seriously.  Thanks for having me and treating me to dinner and laughing and listening to me ramble on and on about, well, everything.

I had an easy drive home to VA today, and had some pretty good reflections, which might turn into some blog posts. :) Stay tuned...

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