Almost Done

Welp, I am now in Tampa, FL staying the night with my aunt and uncle before heading down to Naples. :)

Wait.. did you think I was going to spend some time with my friend Irene in Charlotte?  Well, I did.  See:
I love you, Irene... thanks for being so amazing!

I drove down yesterday (Thursday) and was just SOOO looking forward to spending the weekend with my great friend.  But, when you have another friend expecting a baby very soon, you have to expect and accept that the baby will come ANY time. :)

I woke up this morning just before 7am to a text from Martha: "My water just broke!"  AHHHH!!  I shot up in bed, and asked if she wanted me to start driving, and she said yes.  So, I just had to leave and start driving.

Obviously, the chances of getting to Naples by the time the babe came was pretty low, but I had to try.  Therefore my time with Irene was too short, but I just had to get to Naples and see this baby.  (I WILL go back and spend some much better time with her, don't you all worry.)

By 2:12, I was just past Jacksonville, and Miss Susannah Marshall entered this world.  So, making it by the birth was kind of a mute point.  Because I still had multiple hours to drive, I decided to spend some time with more family.

I will drive the last 2 hours of my road trip and get to Naples in the morning and be DONE!  I cannot wait to meet my beautiful goddaughter and give her lots of love and kisses. :)

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